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  1. Yesterday
  2. Good session Dave! And the VR50 looks very nice in black too. When did that arrive?
  3. Evening all I've not ventured west for a while but the weather forecast was too good to miss a trip today .... Tough start to the day in the main spot with just 1 lure caught wrasse . So I moved on after a few hours and managed 5 nice bass 55/60 in a quiet corner of the coast & christen the new reel too .
  4. No, I'd soaked it in a large barrel of water
  5. Thats the yam departed....... NEXT!!! Lol.....
  6. Andy135


    I do so love having the opportunity to think up titles for your little thread-bombing posts Jon...
  7. This is a serious post please keep it on topic 😀
  8. I fink it`s ok as long as bof ends r same color
  9. The only draw back with rainbow coloured cable is if you connect it the wrong way around changing the polarity
  10. I'm surprised he didn't have them in rainbow stripes.
  11. It really is a shame that he hasn’t got it in other colours .
  12. Will have to pass on this I'm afraid. The stuff I need is 25mm2.
  13. Last week
  14. It usually is ! Also, the headland around Hopes Nose gets very confused, even on a good day it can be like a washing machine !
  15. Lovely reports. Well done. Must admit I'm a bit jealous👍
  16. Is that the pendulum casting comp?
  17. it wasn't to bad at all, steamed down at around 16-18 knts. Flattened off lovely and made 20 plus knts against the tide all the way back. Bit more confused around Berry Head.
  18. I guess it was a little lumpy to start with and got better later in the day. There are a lot of Plaice this year, but the biggun's are hard to find.
  19. The Yam has been giving me some greif, sorted the fuel leak, tipped fuel in and it pissed everywhere.... Pipe had broken at tap. Had a rummage and found some pipe. Jobs a good un, bloke coming tomorrow to buy it and another waiting in the wings.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Psv6L0uKE
  20. Last week I had a shark trip out of Neyland West Wales on White Waters. The weather was fantastic with just enough breeze to get a decent drift but flat enough to fly out there at 20+ knots. The fishing was slow with just 4 runs, 2 fish to the boat and 2 shaking the hooks. The bottom fishing was slow as well with whiting hard won. Plenty of trawlers out there, stacks of dolphins and sea birds.Biggest blue went 90-100 lb I had the other around 60lb. We also picked up a piece of trawl net on one of the outboards but luckily Andy felt it hit and killed the engines straight away. Quick lift up of the leg and it unraveled fairly easily Yesterday I spent the day on the skerries fishing light for plaice on our own boat. We had 25-30 plaice between the 3 of us plus grey and red gurnards, a dab and a small blonde. Biggest plaice went to my brother at 2lb 1oz
  21. So good it deserves its own thread.
  22. @Andy135 don’t move this!! Its Jons best work!
  23. JonC

    5th jab

    And to think you was one of the great antivacsers!
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