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  2. Right now Friday is a possibility, it just needs the morning to improve. Up until this evening, Thurs, Fri, and Sat were looking OK, but since you have posted it has gone rapidly downhill 🙄
  3. Sorry bloody phone keeps changing it to sharing 😩
  4. If the weather is ok I want to go sharking this weekend. What's my chances of good weather 🤞🤞👍
  5. If the weather is ok I want to go sharking this weekend. What's my chances of good weather 🤞🤞👍
  6. That’s you stuffed.....I mean Dogfish....fisherman’s bast friend
  7. When a group of tourists visited a crocodile farm, the owner of the place launched a bold proposal; - Whoever dares to jump, swim to the coast and survive, I'll give you $ 1 million. No one dared to move, suddenly, a man jumped into the water and desperately swam to the shore while being chased by all the crocodiles. With enormous luck came, taking everyone's admiration at the scene, then the owner announced; - We have a brave winner. After collecting his reward, the couple returned to the hotel, upon arrival, the manager told him; he was very brave to jump, then the man sai
  8. Oh that’s wonderful. You can remember a fact about a plants feelings but you can’t remember my name!! I got feelings too you know! 🤯
  9. so are we all going vigan. stop wearing leather. i dont think so some how. i rember some thing on the net some time ago , that plants can feal too, aprently recorded a rose screaming when it was cut i thought it was a bit far feached at the time.
  10. Good luck, is the destination on the governments green list?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions and pictures etc. Here is a little update. Obviously with lockdown my proposed trip got cancelled and two further bookings after that as well. Hopefully tenacity will pay off as we are booked for another attempt in June. I have been in touch with the very helpful Mr Pete Berry, I have my licence, I have tuned my list of what to take and the travel situation is looking promising! Fingers crossed!
  12. Sounds like some impressive fish to be caught! With our house down there now sold, sadly I will not get the chance to try fishing on the lake. Enjoyed catching a few bonito, etc. between St Cyprian and Cap Bear.
  13. Mine don't deal in cash these days. It's all gone to bank transfers as it's more traceable. Something to do with reducing metal thefts. They have to account for the transaction when I weigh anything in, and they have to show a payment out. I then have to buy scrap lead for the same amount, or close to.
  14. That's me 😜 I was fishing with Ade last night .
  15. Probably get a better deal if you ask to swap, no cash involved
  16. Been chatting batteries with JonC, the yuasa ybx5623/5625/5627 look good, add the word marine on the side and pay another £100..... As with everything all comes down to budget, but you will be in the £200 range for good quality high capacity batteries
  17. Another vote for Tayna. And also agree about taking your old batteries to the scrappy. They'll usually pay you for them, and I use the proceeds to re-buy clean scrap lead to melt into weights.
  18. I’ve got Varta batteries on my boat, lasted a few years and are good kit. Tanya batteries are good, excellent price and next day delivery to your house which is helpful 🙂 To dispose of your old batteries, take them to a scrap yard. Most will give you a few quid for them. Saves taking them to the tip or worse, ATS/Halfords which charge you to dispose of them 😮
  19. suzook12

    Autum Trout

    Clearly you even get a better quality of snowflake over there!! Just waiting for ours to declare snow is racist.....
  20. JDP

    Autum Trout

    Its quite funny as even the snow flake flurry over here accept that introduced feral pests are a huge problem (even horses). On the sites my my daughter has posted the pig shot there have been over 2000 views and only one negative comment. The comment came from a woman in the UK, who most likely contributes more to the ecology downfall than the feral pigs over here!!!!
  21. Last week
  22. I think you should offer it as a prize on this forum.......
  23. Will depend purely on budget really, Choice between Yuasa/Bosch/Lucas/Varta as top/better brands. Have a look on Tayna batteries, they sell to public at trade price pretty much and deliver to your door Hope that helps?
  24. Yeah it’s a nice idea, but an expensive one for the amount of use she’d get. A new owner would give her the fishing trips and dog fish she deserves!
  25. Thanks Neil. Part of me wants to keep her and trail to the south-west for fishing getaways but it feels a bit decadent to run a boat just for the odd weekend's fishing, so she needs to go before I change my mind...
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