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  1. Good session Dave! And the VR50 looks very nice in black too. When did that arrive?
  2. Andy135


    I do so love having the opportunity to think up titles for your little thread-bombing posts Jon...
  3. I'm surprised he didn't have them in rainbow stripes.
  4. Will have to pass on this I'm afraid. The stuff I need is 25mm2.
  5. Lovely reports. Well done. Must admit I'm a bit jealousπŸ‘
  6. So good it deserves its own thread.
  7. Fun session. Good to get the youngsters involved too. Well dangled πŸ‘
  8. Hope he can save the whole finger though. Looks painful. πŸ˜–
  9. I've rotated these ones for you Geoff. In future, you can try editing the pics on your phone. Select something along the lines of Edit, then Rotate, then Save. This should override the orientation settings that your phone applies to the photos when you take them, meaning that they appear in the correct orientation.
  10. There's one thing that makes me think it's real, and that's the fact that the prop metal shows a smearing effect from the abrasion of the tarmac. A disc cutter couldn't produce this.
  11. Looking very slick Geoff! Looking forward to seeing her on the water πŸ‘
  12. Nice write up Tony. Sounds like a lovely day afloat even if the sharks weren't playing. πŸ‘
  13. That's a toe-curler! πŸ˜–
  14. Just discovered this on YT. Real trip down memory lane, but for grown-ups. Pete Tong and his Heritage Orchestra play Ibiza Classics at the Royal Albert Hall. Here's a proper Ibiza classic for those that remember it... And this bit is particularly worth a listen - Becky Hill covering Robyn's With Every Heartbeat.
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