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  1. Will get them next time i am over, so no postage 🙂
  2. give you a tenner for both 😊
  3. My leisure batt may have given up the ghost, what is recommended for a replacement, i have a 105ah 1050 cca as my cranking batt
  4. i often take my 28ft out on my own, sometime struggle to get her back in between other boats back on to my berth but pull her in using ropes.
  5. Welcome, i really have dogfish envy 😊
  6. I Have all next week off so will be out from Scarborough hopefully the weather is ok and this easterly drops off a bit
  7. 55lb off cornwall, gonna see if we can tempt some off the north sea wrecks
  8. Had a day out last Saturday to the Wrecks, these Navionics charts are a game changer, as soon as you are on the edge of a wreck on the chart BOOM it shows on your sounder. Brilliant for anchoring.
  9. Jed Stone


    Driving to work this morning saw a frog broken down at the side of the road........................................ it's ok it got Toad away. BOOM BOOM
  10. well it's 80 ish miles but had to go to check batteries were ok and keeping pumps going to avert a environmental disaster (that was my story if stopped)
  11. a good day , it looks like 😃
  12. it is very sad that this happened and 3 lost lives but as previously stated "why didn't they bouy off the anchor" especially as they had 1km of vision. whilst the correct result of the prosecution it should have been avoided . please people be more aware of what is going on around you
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