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  1. got it now thanks! was getting confused with Bungs - i dont have a self draining cockpit so no bungs- but will have a stern gland - i'll take a look at it!
  2. not even sure how to check the stern gland? i always turn the pump on when i return to berth and not much comes out
  3. yeah i guess it could be life in an old boat - especially timber - i know how it can warp and shrink. weirdly i pumped it out on saturday, took her our for a jolly, and yet last night there was still a litre in her at least - and it hadnt rained - i know the water may have moved around - eg it might have pumped dry but only that section, guess im going to have to do the taste test!
  4. yes plus the fact that now with full fuel tank, full spare fuel tank, anchor and rope all in the stern, it may be angled backward more than flat - making it worse. the bigger concern was the moisture in cabin roof - i guess that was coming down from where the wheelhouse joined the deck, but could have been condensation rising from the water ingress from elsewhere...... well ive sealed the wheelhouse i think (and did it when the timber would have been at its driest) still to do - new on seal the hatch, new better fitting cover, and install a lip on the wheelhouse roof - any suggestions here?
  5. thats a good shout andy - perhaps it does there's a small lip - but i will test it with a hose yes good call SF - blue roll is a good call!
  6. So after bouts of heavy rain and even not so heavy rain, the bilges gather a fair bit of water - new to boat owning im uncertain whats normal, especially on a 40+ yr old boat with a wooden wheelhouse. after a week or two it seems like the bilge pumps out about half a bucket to a bucket (ive never measured it) i have identified the hatch leaks (i first assumed it was just condensation on the glass) but having sat in it during the rain i know it leaks - Job number 1 - tbc The ceiling under the dash in the wheel house was also showing signs of water ingress (this is where the old fibre glass foredeck goes under the wheelhouse to form the base of the dash inside the wheelhouse - i have sealed the join from bottom of front windows to fore deck with tiger seal, some wide plastic bath trim (had to be flexible doe tot he P/S curve of the deck), and further sealed that with clear silicone. I have also last night ran clear silicone around the entire joins between fibreglass hull and wooden wheel house and wooden cockpit trim. I will at some point this year replace the old canvas cover with a PVC one (although htis doens leak as its rubber backed it doesnt fit very snug) is there any thing else i might be missing? and other precations? how can i be certain itsnot coming up, rather than down? without tasting the bilge water to see if its salty? many thanks
  7. awesome - these type of threads should always be accompanied by piccys!
  8. and where the pics this magnificent machine and all her toys?
  9. I was just dropping the bait into a hole no more than 6 ft from the pier and getting taps instantly - some were 6-8 inches, some were 4 inches or less - great was to spend an evening none the less!
  10. had to get out the house and get some fresh air - decided i couldn't be arsed to get the boat out so went to the pier with 2 spinning rods -had nothing in 3hrs on the float - no one else did either, and when the 2nd spinning rod produced nothing on the lures i switched to scratching to save the blank - simple 2 hook flapper, size 6 hooks, and squid strips produced the results - I was getting small pout on every drop - (much tot he amusement of passers by and tourists that wished they had been allowed to bring their rods) - great sport on very light gear - especially the 4 or 5 double shots i had! must been at least 30 of them in total!was lovely to get a break from the pout and bag my first ever Scorpion fish - what a lovely (spikey) little fella! everyones evening was spoilt by the incessant jet skier who insisted we wanted to watch him blast up and down just yards from the pier - i mean, its busy with boat traffic, swimmers, kayaks and paddle boarders - nothing against jet skiers - but you have hundreds and hundreds of miles of coastline and open sea to enjoy - why be 5 yds from the pier - perhaps he couldn't swim or was scared to go out of his depth....... I only hope he impressed who ever it was with his bunny hops and fast turns.
  11. nice write up - must be nice to cruise around to keep cool! at least the bait freezer is topped up!
  12. Awesome - thanks! guess what ill be trying when the mackies aren't in their usual spot! wish i'd tried last night now - instead I went to the stone pier and pulled up 5 or 6 million pout and 1 scorpion fish! all on light gear!
  13. in all seriousness, what is the best method for trolling feathers for mackerel - 2ish knots? 4oz cannon ball? what length of line do you let out? I guess you have to vary the depths - benefit of having 2 rods .... but any pointers much appreciated anyone use a paravane or anything similar?
  14. I'll be flat out....... chug chug chug!!
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