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  1. please all be aware that the next weeks football starts on Tuesday - tomorrow evening..... so get your transfers and subs done early - don't want any excuses.......
  2. venison rice noodles....... bit posh.....
  3. no clear fav then....... sticky rib, beef and chicken and mushroom in equal volumes.... ps is that a new Karcher steam cleaner bought in the awesome black friday sales at a well know trade counter retailer?? (you know the one) i hear they have great deals......
  4. i buy the B&Q orange ones - only £1 and i get discount there too - they're not up to much though - almost see through!
  5. i've already got a wreck trip booked for Feb - dont think I stretch to 2 - although id be hedging/spreading my bets nicely for a weather window if i booked 2 trips lol! theres a chance one might just happen then!
  6. nothing shameless about it 🤣 save your pot noodle money and spend it on outdoor machinery A chainsaw is way more fun than a pot noodle!
  7. i bought a 2nd hand ugly stick 20-30lb and found it quite sturdy, feels heavier and up to the task - but i was lucky enough to be given 2 Leeda icons - a brand new 12-20lb and a used 20-30lb = these are now my every day rods paired with slosh 20 and 30 respectively, and i find them a great mix between sensitivity and power. i'll use the ugly stick in deeper water or when wrecking though.
  8. were always the cheapest - no need for discounts! got some cracking black Friday deals coming tomorrow though.......
  9. got to be in it to win it! good write up! id rather be catching pout than sat at my desk
  10. well happy for you mate! nice trip out that! some very good fish there! ⚡ ⚡ (ps couldnt find the unicorn so you can have lightening striking twice - just as likely as finding a cod!)
  11. tesco meal deal for me - always get the breakfast triple and its usually gone before the first hook is baited! as for pot noodles, no - i prefer the proper ones....... with a bit of flavour! game changers all of them - far superior imo.
  12. many thanks @GPSguru - very much appreciated - legend!!
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