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  1. yeah good practice to always have a knife to hand, i also have a folding pruning saw aboard - just seems more up to the job than a fillet knife if needed! its reaching the rope thats the issue - lashing one to a boat hook could be a quick fix?
  2. nice write up - glad to hear the bream are showing - we had 2 off the Dorset coast last week and they will be my go-to fish target this year! from both the boat and i fancy a few on the kayak too!
  3. nice Bass! - I picked up a couple of 2nd hand spinning rods last night (shimano Perfection Spinning 8 & a Leeda Pro spin 10) and what better inspiration than have a try this evening!!
  4. Just placed an order for some jigs/lures from www.luremaker.co.uk - Simon is local to me (a commercial bass fisherman) and personally dropped them round - they look amazing and great value too - if you need any slow Jigs or lures - check out his website!
  5. I went for a Sl30sh in the end - so i now have a 20 and 30 for my boat work - the old 2nd hand (abu/diawa sealine) stuff ive been using can be spares and for friends. I now have a Penn INXS uptide rod paired with the SL20Sh - to be loaded with diawa sensor 30lb line and a shakespere ugly stick 20-30lb paired with the SL30sh - to be loaded with 50lb berkley whiplash i've also bought a rovex kayak rod & Abu baitcaster reel for the kayak and a leeda carbon spin road and abu cardinal 54 for spinning, went a bit mad with Aprils pay packet 🤫
  6. nice looking boat and much better than the yellow - do you have any before pics? and welcome!
  7. ........but that dont really matter, coz i come from the isle of wight and i can drive a traaaactor
  8. i moved to the "mainland" 26yrs ago though - so all but the extra fingers and webbed toes are normal!
  9. both were delicious but the gilt head was indeed better - just need to work on my presentation! (and actually catching them myself)
  10. did the black bream last night - Backed in foil with cajun seasoning, garlic salt and chilli flakes - served with roasted new potatoes and mango salsa
  11. nah just big worms round here! haha i am right handed and reel with my right hand - i swap all my FS reel handles over always have done - maybe as i started with a multiplier?
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