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  1. Good suggestion and I agree, but my challenge is I was not planning for boat fishing until an offer of possible shared rentals was received this afternoon. We leave crack of sparrows on Wednesday so a delivery in time is unlikely and too risky to chance.
  2. Off to Lanzarote for a while and may hire a boat for a spot of fishing. My Greys and Ugly Stik boat rods don't break down smaller than about 6ft plus the butt section, not good for travelling. I am thinking of buying something relatively cheap at Decathlon out there. Looking at their web site, they separate their boat rods into jigging rods and trolling rods, both offered in a variety of weights. I would like the option to do both types of fishing as well as a bit of live baiting on the drift. Can anyone explain the difference between jigging rods and trolling rods and how interchangeable you would consider them to be please?
  3. Thanks. Its amber at the moment, so self isolating at home which luckily is not a problem for me.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions and pictures etc. Here is a little update. Obviously with lockdown my proposed trip got cancelled and two further bookings after that as well. Hopefully tenacity will pay off as we are booked for another attempt in June. I have been in touch with the very helpful Mr Pete Berry, I have my licence, I have tuned my list of what to take and the travel situation is looking promising! Fingers crossed!
  5. Sounds like some impressive fish to be caught! With our house down there now sold, sadly I will not get the chance to try fishing on the lake. Enjoyed catching a few bonito, etc. between St Cyprian and Cap Bear.
  6. Lovely lake. Run round it, cycled round it and windsurfed on it, but don't have a clue how to fish fresh water. What did you catch there?
  7. Thank you Saintly Fish. Its a decent bit of kit, and I sell with some regret. But, since I bought my micro RIB, which is be run out from my garage on dinghy wheels and on the water within 5 minutes, I have barely used Spirit. I have also sold the bigger boat now, I probably should change my picture. She was kept at St Cyprian on the Med, where we had a house, now also sold. Brexit and Covid have pushed us into a rethink about how we spend our time. I anticipate getting a bigger boat again, but probably not until next year.
  8. Thanks for looking but my RIB is now sold Zero hours since engine professionally serviced and winterised by Higham Marine, Bangor. Three useful storage lockers 2 x 25 litre fuel tanks Binnacle compass Pair of oars Two fenders Seat cushions Wheel clamp and spare wheel for trailer included Boat is in Llanfairfechan, North Wales. Selling because I prefer using my little 2.9m Quicksilver and can't justify both. £5995 or best offer. PRICE DROP TO £5700 3rd May. Thanks for looking but my RIB is now sold
  9. Admit to being with Andy135 on football. Mystifies me what all the fuss is about. Can't see how the "local" thing works when it appears to me, that the top teams are owned by people not from the area and the players are not from the area. The only thing local is the name. Understand that attending a game means you get the atmosphere, we, in non lockdown times, enjoy going to see bands live and the atmosphere is electric. Was lucky to be taken to some Olympic events back in 2012, including the ladies football final and the ladies beach volleyball semi finals. The football was fairly entertaining, especially the Americans cheering on their team and everyone else cheering on the Japanese. But the beach volleyball was something else, to quote Boris, "semi-naked women playing beach volleyball glistening like wet otters" 😍 What's not to love! (sorry ladies)
  10. Old local boy, very experienced pilot who flew regularly. They found the plane off Anglesey, but I didn't hear why it crashed.
  11. Still no good news yet. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55846876 Strange it could disappear so close to home with no chance to put out a vhf mayday or anything being spotted floating about by such an intensive search. Tragic reminder of how vulnerable we can be out there and maybe in how investing in the right safety related kit is money well spent (Not suggesting they didn't have an epirb and vhf or that they were not wearing lifejackets all the time, just a reminder how important these things are when s#1t happens) Very misty in Conwy Bay right now but the sea is calm and so there is still room for hope. My thoughts are with the families.
  12. G'day. Today is Australia Day. Have a good one if there are any Australian Members! Out of fishing interest, have any outlaws fished out there and have a fishy story or two to share? Just wondering what misdemeanour I would have to commit these days to get deported to Australia?
  13. Some of you have probably signed this already, but if not please consider it. The way these boats efficiently empty the seas of pelagic fish is appalling and worth a couple of minutes to get behind the petition against them. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/550730
  14. Having heard tales of on the spot fines in various parts of Spain, I took the precaution of buying a three year license, 40€ for mainland Spain, Balearics and Canaries. Probably cheaper than just one fine. I have heard that live baiting is legal subject to species/size used. Not seen anything official about that, but plan to give it a try.
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