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  1. We certainly over complicate things. Most of the gear in tackle shops is there to catch the angler.
  2. It doesn't look alive to me. If it felt threatened or in distress surely all it's spikes would be up. As it's in the Sun, maybe it came from an aquarium !!
  3. From an anchored boat. From the shore I've always fished one up one down for flounder, no float.
  4. I done it with great success, just a float Ball weight and trace, No 1 hook and ragworm. Set so the bait is just above the bottom. Keeps it away from the crabs
  5. Hi Norton has let me back in without any warning messages. Now to work through the posts and catch up. Cheers Brian
  6. I heard than one when I was at school, I left school in 1963.
  7. Hi Andy Where are you, where do you fish?
  8. Yorkshire holds its breath as main shipping route of flat caps, whippets and ale is blocked. Ernie Slatherswaite, Master of the vessel told us 'One minute we were fine then a small gust of wind took us. Yorkshire is set to lose upwards of £3.67 a day until the carnage is cleared, which according to Our Uncle Eric in the pub, could take weeks.
  9. Simple answer = No and I'm not going to. They'll never be able to enforce it for amatuer boaters, it's aimed at Mobile Phone networks.
  10. I've just tried the calculator, VHF radio Separation Distance = 1.6m Radar Separation Distance = 6.69m (a bit tricky on my 5m boat)
  11. I thought it would be ok as it's the same subject. Oh well, I shall know in the future.
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