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  1. Had to get rid of a load of plastic water tanks and some 45 gal blue drums that have accumulated in the yard Asked no 3 daughter to put them on Facebook market place free to pick up Had a reply and then a phone call saying he could pick them up straight away Told him postcode etc and 20 mins later odyssey (luke) turns up Nice to meet you Luke, but please make room for the rest And thanks for the offer of a trip, may well take you up on it Top man 👍
  2. Fantastic, the 4th photo says it all 👍
  3. Great report and a good few fish, shame about the lost fish
  4. I rang my missus and asked her if she wanted me to pick up fish and chips on the way home and she just grunted I think she regrets letting me name the twins Nicked from elsewhere, but made I chuckle
  5. An excellent and well deserved fish 👍
  6. Some crackers there mate, fair play 👍
  7. Yes, they are a pain They get stuck between your teeth when clearing the line
  8. Decided on a short trip Sunday, as we all had stuff to get back to around 4pm I had a tray of Strongbow with my name on and the others had various BBQ's/pub commitments So, out through the 7am lock to a beautiful sight (if you call coffee coloured, sanitary towel ridden water beautiful) and a rather pleasant run up the Channel for a go at a few Bass Anchor dropped in 8ft of rising water and rods out by about 8ish My 2 usual crew (Mike and Mark, aka Shuff and Nipper) were joined by a newbie, Little Dai, who certainly came prepared As we were getting the 2.15 inbo
  9. Nice one, we have our first trip out of Dale to the offshore reefs early June Hope they will have put on a pound or two by then
  10. A short day for me tomorrow Up past Clevedon looking for a Bass....... Or two
  11. Very good, I shall nick that 8/10
  12. I had to buy a new tv this morning, as ours went black on the right hand side Was chuffed yesterday as I won nearly £500 on a horse Then pissed off this morning when I had to spend most of it in Currys
  13. So true, the basserds
  14. I'll double check my wiring next time I'm down, but pretty sure I've wired it as it should be
  15. Doesn't look like I'll be out unless the forecasted easterlies die down a bit Mrs Swamp has a list of jobs as long as her memory for me to get through, so I'm praying for calm weather so I can dodge them
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