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  1. Yeah sorry I did write some thing but it never appeared .... I was saying that its very nice 👌
  2. I've eaten mullet once and I'd never ever eat them again ! You are dead right that they taste like mud ! I even done the same thing docking it in salty water for at least 24 hrs 🙃 yuk yuk yuk disgusting fish lol 😆
  3. Ahhh ill try and do that next time I'm out I guess if I keep trying I'll start to understand it a bit better once I've used it a couple of time but I get the jest of what your saying .thanks Andy 👍👍
  4. I'm used to going 9 or 10 knots max on the boats I work on the river thames so this definitely puts a grin on my face . Just got to learn how to use these boats they blow about like fag papers where there so light im used to heavy steel boats barges tugs etc .
  5. Will live it in the summer hopefully catch some lovely fish too 😋
  6. Cheers Geoff it's my 1st boat the Mrs wasn't too happy with it as I told her it was ok to have a party on with the kids but when she see it she never spoke to me for 3 days lol 😀 she wants to upgrade it to a weekend one bit bigger but I'm going to see how much I use it 1st before I start saving
  7. Hi Andy it's got a mariner 90 I've had 24 knots out of it it might go a bit faster but I don't know how to trim it properly yet I'm still learning lol heard you count to one one thousand ,two one thousand, three one thousand then its about right and im yet to try doing that 😀
  8. Hi Roland welcome ☺ I'm not too far from you I'm in sevenoaks Kent
  9. Ok thank you 😊
  10. Hi Andy I've got to fit a new fish finder ive bought one but ivr never fitted any thing like this im hopping it's pretty straight forward. But if any ones fitted one before and they know some tricks please let me know. I think it's got to be lifted out to fit the transducer thingy ? It's a garmin striker 7cv . Looks ok better than the one that's in there at the moment it must be about 15 years old not even colour lol
  11. Could do with a couple more rod holders I agree lol 😆
  12. That's the one mate its my 1st boat im loving it 😄
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