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  1. andyO

    Hi everyone

    Hi mate, thanks and yeah not far at all, will do hopefully, do you go out much ?
  2. It seems quite strong for a 3.5 so gonna put it on the old girl tomorrow and see how she goes
  3. Just brought it home, little gem it is
  4. Off to have a look and take it home if all is well this afternoon, may just tey it out and see what it's like and if no good just move it on and get a bigger hp, Thanks for the advice everyone
  5. Yeah the dell boy in me thought it was a bargain to buy anyway haha
  6. Exactly what I was thinking, there's 3.5hp motors online for £395 so maybe just buy it anyway and make a few quid towards a bigger one
  7. Forgot to add there would probably only be 2 people on the boat at a time
  8. Morning all, I know I will get some good advice here (I hope 😉) So I have a 15ft Microplus and I'm looking around for an aux motor just in case of engine trouble, I'm thinking a 5hp minimum but I've been offered a good condition Mercury 3.5hp for £160, would I get away with that or is it too small for the job ? I'm not going to France or anything just inland waterways and coastal boating near to the Itchen. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  9. And I thought it was just me finding all these boating 'freebies' on gumtree 😁
  10. This is all very useful info, a great idea for a topic and will serve many well as it has me 👍
  11. Exactly 12 hours after the first jab I was burning up for 3 hours, then for another 3 hours I was shivering uncontrollably. I was then just achy and weak for 4 days and now I'm right as rain. I would advise anyone to get the morning appointment so you don't feel shit through the night
  12. Yes mate, in fairness I did watch that bit but still can't help think that it's a bit of a publicity stunt, I mean if lewis really cared for the environment he would have got rid of the private jet and 4mpg cars 😅. I'm all for carbon neutral even as an avid F1 fan, but my god that first race in the desert was boring 😴 3 cars does not make a race in my opinion.. Having said that, the f1 at the weekend was quite good for a change
  13. It was a bit disappointing wasn't it mate, I cant imagine the carbon footprint of hauling all that kit around the world 😅 Nice to see Carlos Sainz driving though
  14. andyO

    Hi everyone

    Yeah it looks nicely laid out and woman that showed me the mooring was really welcoming and helpful. Yes I was pleased to see the pizza place there 😋
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