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  1. it wasn't to bad at all, steamed down at around 16-18 knts. Flattened off lovely and made 20 plus knts against the tide all the way back. Bit more confused around Berry Head.
  2. Last week I had a shark trip out of Neyland West Wales on White Waters. The weather was fantastic with just enough breeze to get a decent drift but flat enough to fly out there at 20+ knots. The fishing was slow with just 4 runs, 2 fish to the boat and 2 shaking the hooks. The bottom fishing was slow as well with whiting hard won. Plenty of trawlers out there, stacks of dolphins and sea birds.Biggest blue went 90-100 lb I had the other around 60lb. We also picked up a piece of trawl net on one of the outboards but luckily Andy felt it hit and killed the engines straight away. Quick lift up of the leg and it unraveled fairly easily Yesterday I spent the day on the skerries fishing light for plaice on our own boat. We had 25-30 plaice between the 3 of us plus grey and red gurnards, a dab and a small blonde. Biggest plaice went to my brother at 2lb 1oz
  3. Can i ask why you started your drift at the Nab tower? That must be 10 miles from St Catherines. I would be surprised if you could drift that far in a single tide.
  4. Dicky


    We were out on White Water yesterday. Slow for us too, just 2 blues to the boat and 2 that pulled the hook. Not as flat as you had but still one of the calmer days out there. I had 1 around 60lb the other was 90-100lb. Loads of dolphins, birds and trawlers but not much else.
  5. Years ago (35ish) when we fished charters out of West Bay, Dorset, we used to tow feathers behind the boat on the way out to the mark. We would have been travelling at around 4 knts with at least a pound of lead but we always caught enough on the way out to last the day for bait.
  6. Bet that was a lovely day at sea even if the fishing wasn't top notch. Hope to be down your way on Sunday. Our club has an away day at Brixham so most of us will be on the skerries or maybe on a few inshore wrecks.
  7. All the juniors get a prize in our comps but unfortunately he didn't make the top 3.
  8. Couple more piccys
  9. We had a junior comp today so had my lad Jack onboard with me and my brother. Plenty of rays, a few dogs, half a dozen hounds and plenty of eels with the biggest going 16-6 to Jack. He hooked it right at the end so we kept it alive and weighed it in on the beach before we returned it.
  10. There will be plenty of tuna about all through September if the last couple of years is anything to go by.
  11. Yep, shackle to the pointy end and cable tie to the shaft.
  12. Have a good one Luke, i'm back down on White Water in a couple of weeks
  13. Nice one sounds like a good day. You were lucky you left that early as M5 had only just shut. Traffic was at a standstill by 9am through Burnham down to Bridgewater and beyond, took me 1 1/4 hours to do about 6 miles.
  14. Dicky


    That's pure bacon porn JonC
  15. Easier to smash up if their hanging!! Blues especially are scavengers and will take pretty much anything i think. We have put all sorts in our chum, crabs squid cuttle, worms, any left over bait gets frozen through the year and used in the mix. It's amazing what i find in the bottom of the freezer.
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