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  1. Oh that’s wonderful. You can remember a fact about a plants feelings but you can’t remember my name!! I got feelings too you know! 🤯
  2. Good luck, is the destination on the governments green list?
  3. Yeah it’s a nice idea, but an expensive one for the amount of use she’d get. A new owner would give her the fishing trips and dog fish she deserves!
  4. I’m pretty sure @suzook12deals with batteries. He may offer to help!
  5. Where you off to then? I’m at football later so won’t be about.
  6. Ok thanks I will look at that when next down at the boat. I did do a software update mid week and wonder if maybe this has effected a setting.
  7. When I was out on Tarlach Too on Friday with Pete, I kept getting this alarm message and audio warning going off. Anybody got an idea of what it’s for or where it would originate from? It’s not my MMSI number, it did look like it was coming from shore when I chose to press navigate to, in order to see where it was. I suppose it was a test unit in training or something but it was going off every 5-10 minutes for a couple of hours until I got fed up and turned both plotters off.
  8. Cracking creek trout that Jon. Bet it put up a good fight. 👍🏻
  9. Have you ever tried them on the hook as bait? Cut in to pieces?
  10. That’s the same everywhere. They travel in packs. A bit like hounds.
  11. That’s just down to poor angling and you not paying attention. Shame on you. #mustconcentratemore
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