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  1. @Andy135 don’t move this!! Its Jons best work!
  2. Great fun jon aren’t they. We have shoals like that right by the pontoon. So many fish that the water boils with them. Nearly as fun as shark fishing is guess.
  3. 🤢🤮 jeez man… what the fuck happened there??
  4. Excellent job Geoff. Can we see some of the whole boat too please? I take it the survey went well? Or did I miss that somewhere else?
  5. Not often, unless going south of the needles. But next time I’ll give it a look!
  6. @JDPnext time I get out I will try to take a few shots. But as you know, middle of the solent the ground isn’t that interesting.
  7. I’ve just fired up the plotters and checked the specs Jon. This is what I have… And this is what they give me.. So yeah I’m happy with it all.
  8. Well if he was a serious enquirer then yes. But we know he’s not so🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. If i did jon it’d probably be too short and you’d want a 15” one.
  10. Just over 7m of oceanflex 70mm2 flexible tinned copper cable 70c moisture resistant. cost me £260 + p&p. make me an offer.
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