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  1. If thats the worst it gets then not too bad, 🀞🏻 Thats all for you steve!
  2. We took the tender down that way this afternoon, going against the ebb. Not big tides, but the river was running hard. Id imagine you dont get much fishing time there.
  3. I caught the end of these guys in one of the festival tents, wish id found them earlier....
  4. Sorry, late to the party on this one. Been busy all weekend. Was a great trip out, though I do need to state that the captain put himself on the meat rather than his crew. Poor form if you ask me, I always let him catch more than me when hes on my boat.
  5. Had a run out to the isle of wight festival with "Puffin" a Merryfisher 805 who uses Mercury yacht harbour a fair bit. Its not often that you get the chance to video your boat whilst on the move, so here are 3 vids to bore you We went to the festival Friday, saw James, Tom Jones and Liam Gallagher (before he fell from his helicopter). I got smashed on snake bites then we all stumbled home for 01.30. Got up at 10am with the intension of doing stuff, but spent the day sat in the cockpit fishing and trying to pluck up the courage to drink a cold beer whilst in the boiling sunshine. I told myself that once id caught a mullet id have a tinny. Caught a mullet, had a cold beer which was good, so had another!! Happy days!! And Leo spreading the word.....
  6. Glad you had fun and caught fish! How did the new anchor set up work out for you?
  7. I only had my boga grip as a scale. It tipped 3lb just over. Not sure how good a weigh scale they are though. im calling it 3lb
  8. Not to start with Scott, until he came to the surface first time. Then he went off like a train!!
  9. Cheeky πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ¦°. That was the result of hours sitting in the sun nursing a hangover!!
  10. Geoff youve done an amazing job mate. You must be very proud of yourself! So when is the big day going to be?
  11. Great stuff, well done indeed! That thresher looks absolutely massive, how long did it take to get to the boat?
  12. Well with a dogfish you'll be @Andy135's new hero! at-least you didn't blank!!
  13. Ive heard he doesnt play well for gingers!
  14. Good effort Ian. Did the bass taste good ?
  15. Well being as its gortex it cleans well and stays waterproof. Also quite tough on the rip proof side. They are after all made for nobs who traipse through the brush. Tbf i normally only wear it if its going to completely piss down or will be so cold that multiple layers are required. Matt Hayes is to blame, I saw him wearing one on TV and thought it looked comfy. I stopped at the stupid woolly ski hat though.
  16. I didnt look til tuesday so have no idea when i jumped up the league and you tumbled!
  17. I use one of these and a pair of sailing bib and brace. https://www.newforestclothing.co.uk/products/harkila-norfell-insulated-jacket?currency=GBP&variant=40117469937855&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JUz2CuQOXddRWI-sFmp8E30ZmLBaeo-U7gptTUoSbHhGCwWBUoG1vUaAnSLEALw_wcB Not a cheap jacket but will last years.
  18. Is see ive jumped up 2 places. Mid table mediocrity, the story of my life!
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