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  1. Evening all I've not ventured west for a while but the weather forecast was too good to miss a trip today .... Tough start to the day in the main spot with just 1 lure caught wrasse . So I moved on after a few hours and managed 5 nice bass 55/60 in a quiet corner of the coast & christen the new reel too .
  2. 5 bass between 45/50 the trick was trying to avoid the very small tiddlers as the place was thick with them .
  3. I had a reasonable night on the bass even though I had three seals in front of me tonight, All was fine whilst I waded chest deep until the biggest of the three ... Must have been a bull took a liking to my Patchinko ...it was huge and the faster I reeled the bigger the bow wave became and I could see the huge shadow under the surface after a 40 meter chase I lifted the lure skywards from the water a few meters away from me expecting to be no knocked over ! A lucky escape was declared although I almost soiled my waders. That was a strange night.
  4. Great bass , Nice one !
  5. Davemc


    Hold on Ben ....don't worry ...That's no Pompey blank saver tiddler they will be Greek or Turkish
  6. Still to catch on a gravity stick , I have given them a couple of sessions water time and changed and caught straight away so it's a confidence thing now , they certainly look good.
  7. Well done Bones , Great to hear an update , Been a strange one this year for me , Lots of decent fish plus some head scratching too... I had a similar fish last week that took a sp down the throat , I was in two minds whether it would make it after a lengthy unhooking , it went back after a while but I still think I maybe should have taken it as it may not have recovered ....
  8. But he was a lovely lad but I did another horrible act ...... The poor lad was a "washeruper" In a restaurant I worked in and as he was bent over the sink I tipped a room temperature copious amount of gravy down the crack of his arse!! Being stealthy he did know !! ....BUT ...... I was amazed three days later to see the same gravy stained pants hanging out of his smelly jeans as he was bent over the afore mentioned Sink ..
  9. He was a vegetarian 20 years ago
  10. I slipped a king prawn into a colleague's back pocket of his jeans once ....after three or for days wearing the same pair he had no friends 😂
  11. Stinky baits ....really ....? you should know better 😁
  12. Strangely enough after seeing so many bass the other day I fished a night session from shore just a couple of hundred meters from my yak catches and I blanked tonight.
  13. I can't tell you that ! Andy would be there in a flash !
  14. I've got a job to stay afloat as it is !
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