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  1. There is skate in W Wales bud😀 defo worth a go
  2. Haha, it’s not me, my mate Richie, but he is smaller than me, 😂
  3. Plenty of room, the v berth is 7’4 wide and just under 7’ long. Fenders are down behind the wall, tied to wall. Very little tidal range there, 4’ is a big spring! Safe as houses, it’s in a bay that is protected by wind so a small ripple is rare.
  4. I don’t tag them but I do have repeat captures.
  5. Yep, plenty of room on the deck, nice stable platform as well
  6. Arvor 215, skate platform😆 Great bit of kit, makes long sessions a doddle.
  7. Cheers mate, love it, went from a DA19 to the Arvor 215, great bit of kit. Will do mate
  8. Hi guys, invite from Jon, so just joined, will take a look through, cheers gents
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