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  1. Amusing, but only worth that score if being compared with your egg jokes. Geoff.
  2. Are you sure that it is not just your taste in CD's that deters them - that would deter me, but whatever you do please don,t use G&S CD's or you will get every gull for miles making even more mess in their enthusiasm to get the discs. Geoff.
  3. I think that Pete was "shielding" your identity Neil. Geoff.
  4. And blanking? Geoff. - Sorry Andy, I know that I have not been even near the sea for years now, let alone catch any fish> Geoff.
  5. Geoff


    Hi Ron, welcome to the asylum. Geoff.
  6. Sorry Luke, you have no chance in the worst joke competition. IMHO nobody will ever take that away from Neil with his Queen/singles joke the day after she lost Phillip. Geoff.☺️
  7. Well done, that sounds fantastic compared with how things have been. Despite your little grumbles about that poor old harmless cat I know that you had a great time. LOvely pics and an interesting write up. Thank you. Geoff. ☺️
  8. Well done all of you, it sounds like a great day out again. Geoff.☺️
  9. Sorry Andy, I missed that or did I simply not remember? Geoff.
  10. Unlikely, I think FS i s"too" scared to get the jab - unless he has changed his mind. Geoff.
  11. Good joke, and one of the very few posted on here that I could even let MY wife read/hear. Geoff. ☺️
  12. No pixels with a projector Neil - view from any angle that you have line of sight from the screen!!! Geoff. ☺️
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