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  1. That looks awful. I do hope that they can soon get it sorted for you. Geoff.
  2. Thanks for altering these pics Andy. We will see how the next lot come out - I will wait with baited breath. Geoff. ☺️
  3. Far too many Jon - too many projects and not enough time!!! Geoff.☺️
  4. Andy, can you please tell me how to invert the pics. When I open the file on the PC they are fine, but for some reason load upside down. A very confused. Geoff.😣
  5. The reason that I did not take any of the whole boat is because it is in a tight location on my driveway. I also want to get a few bits of vinyl bling added. Geoff.
  6. I am still awaiting the survey report, but the surveyor told me that in his opinion the build quality was equal to or better than that of most small boat builders, and that he was very impressed with the attention to detail. He did say that the insurance company would require locks on the hatches. He also mentioned the lack of c0 detector, fire extinguisher etc. and electronic equipment - most of which I have indoors, although I do need more modern electronics. Geoff.
  7. As title. Geoff. Sorry - all upside down again, but looked ok before posting. Still, at least they should be ok for JDP. Geoff.
  8. I am sure that is exactly what Jonc desperately needs, but must be 2 core. Geoff.
  9. Those were the days my friend - we thought they'd never end - those were the days. Mary Hopkins. A far nicer song than most of the stuff that is posted on here!!! Geoff.
  10. What a lovely rig and to be able to "play" with it at someone else's cost must make it even better. Geoff.☺️
  11. Me too - and I do live here! I shall of course be reminded that I already have enough projects! Geoff.
  12. That could be or American Jon, those trailer wheels and number plate do not look like a UK trailer to me. Geoff.
  13. That must have been dragged for several miles to have worn away that amount as the leg would have been bouncing up and down. I think that round here with our soft topped tarmac roads it would have just left a nice little slot in the road, unless of course it was locked into reverse gear!!! When towing, as well as blocking (tilt the leg up and insert a block) the leg I put a strap under the tilted drive up to the stern deck cleats just in case something causes the the block to move. The same applies for outboards as for outdrives. Mind you I have to admit that I have not done much towing in the last couple of years. Still very sad to see it. Geoff.
  14. Geoff

    It's home

    Hi JDP, thanks for your comments. The boat length is exactly 17' 11" measured at rubbing strake height and the beam 2.4m. The pod does then extend back a further 600mm (excuse me mixing the dims in imperial and metric). She does always seem to be bigger, but I just put it down to clever use of space!!! The hull is based on an American design which was rated at 225HP inboard or outboard, and of the 4 other boats produced from the moulds 2 have IB/OD and 2 have outboard engines fitted. At 115 hp my boat will have the smallest engine of all five. 1 - there is no gap under that deck plank, but it is planted on (your gap is in fact a fillet radius) and is part of the raised cockpit coaming. 2 - that section was also added to increase the transom freeboard. 3 - The pod is slightly raised above the bottom of the hull as this allegedly allows the prop to run in cleaner water. This pod was a bought in item rated up to 150HP by the manufacturer and I am aware of at least a half dozen other users that are very pleased with the performance. What is not shown is that after these pics were taken (will show up when I take the final pics) is the transverse platform which is very stiff is bonded and bolted to the transom and pod and has a 25mm SS brace at each end.
  15. Geoff

    It's home

    Clever. Geoff.
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