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  1. Good luck to you both Steve, The youngsters do not usually suffer too much, and if you are double jabbed hopefully it won't bother you too much. My friend the fibre glass man felt really rough for a day or so, tested +ve, confirmed by a PCR test, but the next day felt no worse than having a dose of flu. Finishes his 10 day isolation next Wednesday. Geoff.
  2. Geoff

    It's home

    Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, but my RR is on sorn and will be going up for sale soon which means I shall have to get someone to tow the boat for me. The intention is to get a towbar fitted on the old transporter (shuttle) that I am making into a sort of day camper and that will be used for towing. Geoff.
  3. Geoff

    It's home

    Thanks Andy - yes she is basically ready for the water now. No electronic gizmos, but my trailer knows it's way around! I am trying to get someone to 5d carbon wrap the screen surrounds and to possibly apply her name and some (demure) graphics. Geoff.
  4. Geoff

    It's home

    Mercury engineer was here today and all is ok with the engine. I ran a hose down to the boat and we ran the motor with muffs for about a minute. Peeing well and sounds great, if a little loud out of the water. after he left I took a couple of pics from in the WH as the sun was shining. Geoff.
  5. Geoff

    It's home

    No Neil, Pete has no chance, but I am still waiting for the Mercury dealer to come and check out my possible recall. this weeks excuse was something to do with a hospital examination, but it is now promised for next week. Anyway she is now finished (are they ever finished?) and I am part way into making a day camper from an old VW t5 shuttle that I have recently bought!!! Geoff.
  6. Geoff


    Hi Ade. Welcome to the forum. Geoff.
  7. What is all this left or right nonsense. Get real - east or west!!! Geoff.☺️
  8. Your boat is something for some (most?) of us to dream for, so unless you want to sell it to one of us for a few grand,do the sensible thing and stick with it. To sell it would be MADNESS! Geoff.☺️
  9. Is that where your handle originates from? Geoff.
  10. Sorry Neil, but I am a devout coward. Geoff.
  11. Congratulations for being so brave - I know that I could never go through what you have and been so positive about it. I do realize that for the long term you have almost certainly made the right decision, but I don't think that I would have had the guts to do it. I do hope that it heals well and that long term nagging pain will disappear. Good luck with your recovery. Geoff.
  12. Great pics. Thanks for posting. Geoff.☺️
  13. Geoff

    Two prawns

    Nah - no DP from you Luke, your jokes may bad, but not THAT bad. I think GPS comes closest with his -10 score. Only the OO fantasy football is worse than that and that is not even supposed to be funny, but the idea of it is still funnier than the fairy codmother joke. I think Andy's Forum handle should be changed to "fairy codmother" with a nice big ginger cod as his av avatar. I am sure that FS could do something there! Geoff.
  14. I think it was Honda not Yamaha that HL vowed he would never buy another. Geoff.☺️
  15. Sad, but very brave of you to post on here. Was it just to make Luke feel better? Geoff.
  16. Sorry for your pain Clinker, but glad to hear that all seems ok now. Geoff.
  17. Thanks GPS. I managed the engine hood off this evening and took the code (it is the ICV) and will give it to the dealer on Monday, so I will find out then if it has to be replaced. Geoff.☺️
  18. Geoff


    Welcome aboard Adam. Geoff.☺️
  19. Wrong Geoff again, but this time I am sure that it was deliberate Neal. Geoff.
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