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  1. Thanks. I’ll check the protocols, I’m good at that sort of thing!
  2. @GPSguru I’m struggling to find a garmin17x in the uk and the ones I’ve seen are all around £150-200. Will a generic nmea0183 gps antenna work? There’s loads at about £50 on eBay?
  3. Could always go car in first, that way the back of the trailer will stay dry
  4. If he’s launching on a ramp with a decent incline there is minimal risk of grounding, and attaching the painter to the trailer let’s you keep the boat under control.
  5. A painter is a rope that is attached to the bow of a dinghy, or other small boat, and used for tying up or towing. Ideally, the painter should float. If used on a boat with a propeller, the length of the painter should be shorter than the distance to the propeller, to prevent fouling the engine. There/they’re/their you go-every day’s a school day.
  6. When I used to have a trailered boat I would release the winch strap completely but have a painter tied onto the trailer so I could reverse hard and slam the brakes for the boat to launch itself off. Just be sure that there’s enough water to not dig the transom in the ground.
  7. Now it’s silvered, nothing like that, though I do prefer the silver look to the Cuprinol effect
  8. Nice fish. I would like some other angles though with the pictures, just to keep my interest levels up.
  9. I used a saturation oil, it’s made by hempel, the same type of thing as deksolge D1. My timber has silvered now which I quite like but if you prefer the deep red colour then treat them with D2, that’s the finishing coat.
  10. And if the truth be known the last picture might be a different boat also.
  11. It’s the excitement getting to him. I bet the nurse will have to change his bag now.
  12. You should have seen the gurnard.
  13. You’re fucked, everyone knows that Patrick guy is a stalker. Can’t believe the others didn’t warn you before.
  14. I fished with @KennyPowerson my boat Janie yesterday, He had some cunning plan that involved heading about 13 miles east and outside of my jurisdiction into the big wide world. We fished from about 8pm for the last 2 hours of the ebb then all the way to the top of the flood. We had a steady run of small bass, hounds and for Micky a few dogs and whiting mixed in. Why he likes catching these is beyond me, but he loves them.
  15. Besides when this was being arranged everyone was so busy getting the right colour boat to appease the Welsh contingent that I didn’t even look at dates, I was too busy trying to make it perfect for the taffs
  16. No, the offer of picking Neil and Pete up is real, as is the top and tail special.
  17. That’s ages, I’m on the edge of my seat here.
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