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  1. Now we have a couple of trips on the boat under our belt we are looking to increase the catch rate. One way is better location and the other thing we are considering is chum. I came across this on the decathlon website https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/chum-bucket-3-kg-sea-fishing-bait/_/R-p-X8353565 Has anyone used it? Any other sources? Other option is obviously DIY, was thinking of asking the local fish monger for their heads and guts bin, failing that would a kg or so of mashed up sardines with some bran do?
  2. Thanks. I think I'll take the tank somewhere I can try a few
  3. I bought a quicksilver 25l tank off a guy on Facebook. The connector on the tank looks like the yamaha one on the engine and my other tank but the barb bit that the fuel doesn't come out of is fatter so my current fuel line doesn't fit. Any idea what it is? I want to get a fitting for it so I'll have to have 2 fuel lines
  4. Been looking for a slipway closer to the forts than Calshot on boatlaunch.co.uk Lots of the slipways don't seem to have a pontoon. Question is how do you get on the boat after parking the trailer?
  5. Got some work to do before I get it right. First time I put the buoy on after the triangle thing so the alderney ring couldn't work🤭 Next time the tide had gone out and only had 1m of water so not enough to lift the chain off the bottom. Something else to master for next time
  6. That was my thinking, in the excitement of the day I didn't check it properly. I glanced at the gauge on the tank and read the half marker as the level. Very silly but a good lesson for the future. Could have been an embarrassing call to the coast guard at best if we didn't have the reserve can
  7. Yes, few minor issues but successful overall. The transducer was far to high on the transom. Barely in the water so took it off and taped it to the boat hook and taped that to a rail. Better than nothing but only just. Engine wouldn't fully select reverse, messaged Barry at Winsor marine and he called me straight away and told me how to adjust it, was fine after that. Just the 2 fish to the boat which considering our spot choice was random I was happy enough with. I had a red gurnard and my mate had a big bass. Used more fuel than expected and didn't check it properly so had to nurse it back to make sure we didn't run out and get stranded. Lesson learnt for next time. Boat hit 24 knots flat out which I was happy with, probably got more in it if I fiddled with the engine trim but didn't this time. Launched without an issue although maneuvering to the pontoon without reverse was a bit tricky. Recovery was fine but we got the boat out and then realised it wasn't right on the trailer do had to take it back in the water and re-do it, also one of the rollers fell off so need a new circlip needed. On the plus side, we didn't come home in a life boat, the engine worked and we had fun. Next time we'll concentrate more on the fishing so any marks around solent would be great, promise to keep then secret 😉
  8. Boat outboard has a clean bill of health from Barry at Winsor marine. Great guy, has lent us a fuel tank as our was full of watery shite. Bags are packed, rods ready and boat packed for trip Saturday. Going to launch at Calshot slip and fish for anything we can catch. Got feathers, frozen squid, frozen mackrel from a charter trip a month ago and frozen mackrel left over from last year's pike fishing plus a couple of wraps of frozen black lug from about 6 months ago.
  9. Having bought a boat in October last year, lock downs, lots of paint, wiring, faulty carbs and a rotten transom we are finally one step away from actually being ready to use it for the first time. I have done my PB2 course, the boat is all ready bar the engine service booked in for Monday, the rods are ready, my reels have new line on them so barring the mechanic finding something wrong with the engine our first trip is scheduled for 18th September. Location is still unknown as 2 of the slipways recommended are closed then, the third I still need to look into. What advice do you have for a first timer? Any recommendations for marks in the solent to try? What species will be about? Not really bothered what we catch, as long as we catch. Ideally a fish or two for the table but just some sport would be a good start
  10. I have a 5kg bruce anchor and a lot of chain I got from @Saintly Fish, I think it was 20m of chain? I've not got the chain at home but I think it was 6mm? I have the anchor, rope, chain and alderney ring for my little pilot 520, so a buoy is all I need. I don't think I need all 20m of chain and I don't want to have to carry a giant buoy if I can avoid it. Would cutting the chain down to 10m so it's about 2 x boat length and an A3 buoy be ok?
  11. re boat upgrade - spending time in a marina is very bad for my future bank balance... we have already started discussing our next boat and we haven't even lauched this one yet. Arvor 230 type boat is current favorite although this one is for sale by the marina entrance, just about £50k short at the moment
  12. As for the charts, the small map seems to stop just east of the IoW which means if we launch at Chichester we can't go east. The whole of the south coast is only £20 less than the whole of the Uk
  13. Yes, transom is all done. Really happy with how it turned out. We got the hull sanded and primed this weekend and hopefully will get a top coat on one evening in the week. Once it's painted just need to refit the engine and take it for a service and fit the new lowrance and glue glue floor down and we are ready
  14. Our boat is getting dangerously close to being ready to actually use. What slip way would you recommend for its maiden voyage? It will be the first time we launch any boat, first time reversing down a slipway. Looking for somewhere with a nice wide slipway with plenty of space to maneuver the car and park up with the trailer. For the first time I'm not bothered about the cost, within reason! I'm in Berkshire, so somewhere around Chichester, Southampton area would be great Thanks
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