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  1. could it be an insurance claim ?????? (con)
  2. that makes me wince, it must have made a racket going along the road.
  3. now that could be an idear. seeing the price of boats ect have gone up so much, it might get stolen out there on the water
  4. wellcome brian .nice boat, and that fish wow it must have been a good fight
  5. im not doing a thing im to hot
  6. happy birthday, yes the bus pass comes in handy, may you have many more b/days to come. you picked the right weekend to go away on hope you are having a good time
  7. the minde bogels at that, the difercalt thing is teaching the shark that you are frends that the difelcalt part luke are you getting in with the shark first
  8. you have to larf or you would be in tears.
  9. wellcome . nice to see a new face on here looking forward to hereing about your addventurs, you will get your legg pulled on here but when it comes to help about boats , fishing, ect , you will be have some very good help . all idears are wellcome on here even the silly ones
  10. do you really have to regerster your boat when its only 18 foot long. i belive you have to regerster a radio ???????
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