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  1. i think its going to worse , i have been to the village shops and a loot of pepole arnt wearing them. i am still coushes abot the hole thing , so i stay in as mush as possible
  2. do you realy nead to use flushing flowed if you flush with water after yose
  3. i haven't seen those since i was a boy i did not think thay made them any more
  4. it could have been worse . could have blanked.
  5. well done , what a good report.the fish look good. im so jealous
  6. dont get stuck in there,or you will be there till you slim down 😂 a bit 😅 🤣
  7. well com to the mad house there is a loot of banter on here just join in
  8. i prefer to hold my rod ., just like the feel of bite
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