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  1. so are we all going vigan. stop wearing leather. i dont think so some how. i rember some thing on the net some time ago , that plants can feal too, aprently recorded a rose screaming when it was cut i thought it was a bit far feached at the time.
  2. they look grate do you take shirt buttons by anny chance he he 😄
  3. i did not sleep much the night before, i was exsited to say the least to get out fishing again after a long brake. met ian at the merina about 8am we headed out to the solent it was a bright sunny morning . we ancerd and started fishing after a while with no bights we moved to a spot near cows. no wind and bright sunshine. he said we allways catch here. he was right to. i had 12 dog fish , and ian cought a smouth hound , whiting , and dog fish. including the bigerst fih of the day. it was a terifike day i had cougt fish,(i havent been out for a long time ). the weather changed
  4. gor what a load of c--- it dose not mater what way you do it, just cath the fish and enjoy doing it. you loot must be board stiff, i say it dose not mater which way you hold it as long as the lady is happy
  5. welcom ,its grate on here, plenty of dog fish (he he )looking forward to your posts
  6. are you robing them you old out law i must be felling better ive got my humer back
  7. i think im in with a chance may be
  8. dont wurry its just old age err who are you????????????????????
  9. 2 hours to fix the bow roller on. what a rigmoroll. forward cleat 20 minits now im n---d.
  10. hi and welcome to the club , i see santy fish is looking after you. he is grate fun.
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