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  1. It wasn't the hook length that broke, it was above the top swivel. I think we could have used industrial strength cable and still not moved it. It was like he had hooked the seabed except it lunged and took line. Tide was just too strong get it off the bottom
  2. That's is exactly the fight he had, I said to him that is a big Ray and likely a stinger as they do come inshore on the beaches not far, our biggest on my boat came from a mark just over a mile away on exactly the same bait and rig also fishing for Tope
  3. Took the day off work today to catch the weather window. Stopped off at Dean Tail to see if any mackerel were there, a short while later and we had 12. Enough to start of our day. Headed over to Pullar in search of Tope. All a bit quiet on our spot at the start. I was out on Ray's boat again, Ray had started making his fry up when his live bait had been picked up. Rod arched over and the fish was on the move. Quite a lengthy fight ensued with Ray making zero headway into the fish, he'd gain a bit and the fish would take it back. Certainly wasn't a Tope as it was just holdin
  4. In comparison to an SL30SH how are they size wise, I've looked online at them but I'd like some small level wind reels just couldn't see any thing dimension wise to compare the slosh
  5. Welcome Ron, We've spoken a few times down the marina, last time we spoke you had been round Ventnor way in the rough. Good to have you here
  6. The crazy thing is when I occasionally take the wife out I virtually do it solo as she's not that much help coming alongside
  7. This thread came along at the right time, I've seriously been toying with going solo. My usual mate does every other week on call. So far this year since February every weekend he is off call its blown up, this coming weekend a casing example. I've not had the confidence to go solo but surprised by the amount of people I see out there doing it. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and do it. My main worry is coming back into a packed marina and having to berth on the nightmare spot
  8. Well done on the Tope 2 beauts is a good days fishing. That's Ron Garett he runs a Rodman called Scorchio out of Gosport drystack. Indeed he is a very nice guy
  9. I'm a novice as far as the wrecking goes so I've no idea, deepest wreck was just shy of 250ft shallowest around 170ft. I wondered whether the commotion caused by the hooked fish spooked the remaining fish it's something that happens with mullet, quite often the swim will die after a fish is hooked for around 45 mins even if there were quite a few fish present.
  10. Luckily where we were is a quite a good concentration of wrecks so not too much mileage in between, it seemed that once we caught 1 or 2 on a wreck we'd get no more takes time to move on.
  11. One of the wreck we fished showed well on Navionics relief shading, made it easy on successive drift to pinpoint different parts of the wreck. Was also good to see how accurate it was, got to say that the Sonar mirrored what we saw on Navionics
  12. Weather gods finally came good with a forecast suitable for a wreck trip on a weekend we could all make. Headed out early on Ray's boat, a very nice and flat steam out. Plan was to fish a few wrecks on the way out and depending how the fishing was move around out there if needed. Got to the first planned wreck in just over an hour, dropped down and bang Mark was straight in Happy days we thought, a few drifts later I missed a good hit and Mark was in again, nothing big but 8lb fish give a good show. That was it for that wreck. Moved on the the next one full of expectatio
  13. We ended up 46 miles out, was a quiet day with a total of 11 Pollock coming aboard, lovely day conditions wise but sadly the fishing didn't switch on. I'll pop some pictures up in a bit
  14. I had a piece of carbon fibre made up and fitted to cover the holes where the rpm gauge was, since I repowered I had the Mercury Vessel View fitted, which did away with RPM & Trim gauges so would have left 2 large holes
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