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  1. I did indeed run side by side tests, the pop ups noticeably out fished the non pop up. I have converted Ray to use them, he was very sceptical but also ran a side by side and got the same results. Yellow pop ups seemed to be the most effective They also work for Whiting, Pout, Scad etc the list goes on, I have had rays, small Tope and Hounds into double figures take the rig often at the cost of a heavier rig I'd set up for them.
  2. I did slow in case you needed a hand. Looked like you had it under control though. I never fuel up on the outside of that pontoon you get beat up by wash etc. Hope the fishing was good looked a little bumpy when I drove past Lee.
  3. Thanks Neil, fingers and toes crossed, he's quite a medical miracle but at 87 it gets harder to recover
  4. Thought I'd best post, things have been thrown up in the air the past week so or which may affect whether I can make it or not. Without too much detail my father in law was taken into hospital last week and he is not in a very good way. My plan stands to attend but may not be possible if things get worse. I'll know more towards the latter part of the week
  5. I'm not so sure they will end the Suzuki tie up. Mercury's vessel view displays have been Simrad units for a good few years, my Mercury vessel view unit is a Simrad GO5 with some slightly different software. My GO9 which I purchased in 2017 always had Mercury engine support. Suzuki are the choice of most commercial operators I think Brunswick would being making a mistake to alienate themselves from that market. I think it will go more like the VAG business model. Where they have definitive brand seperation pretty much like the current Simrad/Lowrance/B&G setup all aimed at different sectors of the market.
  6. Well done for having a go, it doesn't always go your way but will make it much sweeter when it finally does
  7. Just going to add onto the already very good advice that your knots need to be braid friendly. Braid will slip if the incorrect knot is used or the correct knot tied poorly I use Berkeley whiplash which is one of the thinnest braids and my go to knot is a 10 turn Grinner knot. Practice tying it at home
  8. Enjoyed the report some quality fish caught. You've done a great job training your skip. Looks like he handled the situation well Feel your pain with other water users. Surprising how many don't know the rules of the road.
  9. They are seriously good images, might have to look at the active imaging upgrade
  10. Can I ask where at St Caths you fish I also have a mark there that you might be better off trying Will pm you the Sandown numbers
  11. Glad you managed to have a go, marina looked quite busy when we got back in on Saturday, saw Jersey girl and Scorchio in ready. I'd say as long as you didn't hit any one else's boat or damage yours it was a successful first go. Fair play on heading to St Catherines. Nice to see the Bream still showing. I can give you a set of numbers for the reef we've been fishing if you want, between mine and Ray's boat we have caught over 200 on this reef in the last month and a half.
  12. 32 miles out for this one, bit closer than the last trip thankfully as it was proper rough coming back in
  13. Trip out with Ray and Mark Jennings again today, headed out after some Bass and then onto a wreck. Didn't locate many Mackerel so it would plastics for the Bass which sadly didn't read the script and none showed on the chosen mark. As the tide eased it was time to move out to the wreck. Second drop down and I located a Pollock that did its best to make it back down but to no avail. Good scrap from it before it was boated and weighed. Happy with that as the scales swung round to a touch over 14lb. Had another much smaller one and a couple of Pout, good to see Ray hit into a nice 13lb'er too. Wind had hit up early afternoon so we called it a day not a fish fest but some nice size Pollock.
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