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  1. Probably get a better deal if you ask to swap, no cash involved
  2. Been chatting batteries with JonC, the yuasa ybx5623/5625/5627 look good, add the word marine on the side and pay another £100..... As with everything all comes down to budget, but you will be in the £200 range for good quality high capacity batteries
  3. suzook12

    Autum Trout

    Clearly you even get a better quality of snowflake over there!! Just waiting for ours to declare snow is racist.....
  4. I think you should offer it as a prize on this forum.......
  5. Will depend purely on budget really, Choice between Yuasa/Bosch/Lucas/Varta as top/better brands. Have a look on Tayna batteries, they sell to public at trade price pretty much and deliver to your door Hope that helps?
  6. Which Ian are you referring to now? 😀
  7. suzook12

    Autum Trout

    3 Cracking photos that would undoubtedly have the snow flakes flurry to a mass melt!!
  8. Glad to hear you had a good day mate 👍
  9. Aint it just, and it seems to be everything. Was on an auction for vintage bikes and they were making more than retail value, tractors the same, lathes have gone through the roof.... I suppose the up side is I have loads of stuff that has nigh on doubled in price........
  10. For smaller cables, 35mm and below, a pair of handled crimps can be bought for around £30, also worth considering as can be crimped in situ, no hammer required
  11. Yes mate https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/heavy-duty-spring-loaded-hammervice-terminal-crimping-tool.html I know what you mean about vans, for what it costs to convert, may as well start with something around 3 years old or newer, will get some use out of it then.....
  12. Depends on where they run through I guess. The ones I did were clipped to a 4x4 chassis so no issues. On a boat may be a bit different especially as unlike to have a surface suitable for hammering on. A lot will also depend on the terminals fitted. Standar ones will be fine in most applications
  13. Had a job on last week that involved a lot of crimping 50mm cable. Not having any suitable crimps went looking for some. I ended up buying one like this Nice price at £20 ish and did a cracking job. The one pictured is from 12V Planet and looks very similar in design. Quick and easy to use, legitimate use of hammer 🤣. If you need to crimp battery cables and haven't got a pair of handled type crimps this could be for you. You will need to be able to remove cable to access for crimping and run it through with terminals on or have a suitable surface for hammering on. Ca
  14. Yeah, but we don't, If casting you pick it up in the right, if retrieving, pick it up with the left......
  15. When playing large fish in coarse fishing, I hold the rod in the right, and control the reel with the right as well with only winding done by the left or altering the rear drag which doesn't happen often. All forms of casting is right arm dominant, tho I can side cast left handed when required..... What I do find easier, is controlling the lever drag with the right which needs to be more precise with running fish..... I can do brute force with either arm
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