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  1. No, I'd soaked it in a large barrel of water
  2. Thats the yam departed....... NEXT!!! Lol.....
  3. The Yam has been giving me some greif, sorted the fuel leak, tipped fuel in and it pissed everywhere.... Pipe had broken at tap. Had a rummage and found some pipe. Jobs a good un, bloke coming tomorrow to buy it and another waiting in the wings.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Psv6L0uKE
  4. Certainly can and does mate........ Those edges in my mind are too clean and straight. that prop's blades would be bent well out of shape, the cast ally would have lumps ripped out of it amd I'm sure you'd notice your boat sitting that much too high off of the trailer and would'nt be particularly stable......
  5. My though was that you would have to be jacking the boat 6-10 inches off of the trailer to be able to do that. And to grind hardened steel internals down like that would take hundreds if not thousands of miles. Surely you would notice jacking the boat that high off of the trailer?
  6. I think to be fair, thats a fake photo, I reckon someone has cut it with a disc cutter. To get everything ground flush like that without ripping big lumps out would take several hundred miles, and for it to keep in contac with the road while 6-10 inches are ground off it's length...... Would take some doing, and for it not to be noticed??
  7. Just noticed I labelled it 6E9 not 6E0 lol
  8. Its the start of converting an outboard into a motorcycle.... A Yamaha Dragstar to be precise!! 😗
  9. That might have something to do with the bag of donuts you insist on having to take on the boat Jon........ 🍩🍩
  10. Can't beat having the right tool for the job!!
  11. ?? How so mate? Cable end crimps are a piece of pee https://www.amazon.co.uk/AllRight-Hydraulic-Crimper-Terminals-Crimping/dp/B01C6YQHLS
  12. Is that 2 core? IE red and the black together or 2 x single lengths? You can't really have too big Andy, too small on the other hand is a different matter
  13. suzook12


    mispelt that mate.... AR
  14. Made I spit tea did that 👍
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