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  1. Most of mine were between Ventnor and St Catherins and always seem to be on the drift towards St Catherins rips. I have caught them close to the Needles but most of the time it was mostly porbeagles in that area.
  2. They do some good videos and a great magazine called "The Captain" Check it out if you like small powerful boats https://thecaptain.tv/videos/
  3. He could of possibly had bad seals on his trim, in saying that most people chock their motors up to travel. There are a fair few who get on the piss pretty hard while out fishing and in quite locations they still get away with it on the roads.
  4. They look perfect to me, very sexy black motor šŸ˜ƒ
  5. These are a common work boat here, mostly used in the shellfish and urchin industry. The one I drive for abalone is a bare bones boat where. We can load this one up with 1.5ton of shellfish hand gathered in a day. The air compressor is under the grey cover on the gunnel, no seats just floor space. Many are rigged with big twin engines which make it easier to control the boat with divers in the water working off air hoses. Its surprising how much work is involved in keeping the boat close without putting any tension on the hoses and not getting a hose around the prop when its windy and rough and at the same time clean and grade the shellfish they are sending up. All of these fishermen seem to be a bit crazy, with just one position on the throttle and that's all the way!!!
  6. I did wonder how another driver hadn't seen it and let the driver know but thinking how we often drive for hours, even days to spots to fish and rarely pass another vehicle then yes quite possibly. Also if the driver is anything like people I know here towing boats you wouldn't stand much chance of getting past them. One of my last bigger trips (3 day drive) My engine support bounce off the trailer but stayed attached to the engine, when I stopped after hearing it going through a quiet remote town it had worn from around 4ft to 1.5ft. I was lucky to of not done engine damage as it was pushing from the road up under the engine. In the case of the picture above, I did wonder if perhaps someone may of been deliberately doing it to make an insurance claim on a damaged gearbox. In saying that I can head down to my local ramp today and almost guarantee seeing someone drive off dragging there skeg. It tends to happen often here because almost every boater drives their boats on and off trailers, once the trailer is driven out of the water, unless you remember to trim up it happens quite easily.
  7. I just assumed it was the state I just bought my boat from as they have the blue on white plates but like you say it may be the US as the plate if on the left.
  8. I would of loved a project like that when I lived there.
  9. Do you get up around the Alum Bay area, there would be some interesting ground around there to sidescan.
  10. Saw that posted a few days ago over here, thought it was a local boat.
  11. Was asked if I wanted a free boat. Old rigs like this often sit on the side of the road with free signs on them, was wondering if little outfits pop up like this in the UK these days. It seems people just aren't interested in doing up older rigs anymore, I suppose the cost does soon blow out when you start working on them. This one was fully registered and running well.
  12. JDP


    Come on you've had a couple of warm days, time to give it back now.
  13. Have you used all the functions yet to see just how they perform? If not, once you get used to it could you post a few screen shots from some fishy marks. Ive had 200-50 kHz 600w transducers hold and show bottom out to 500m but with the 8410 Ive invested into some higher specked chirp gear but yet to test on my new rig as Im still fitting it out. The sidescan on 260khz on my last boat scanned well at depths to 140m and 250m either side of the boat, way past anything I had achieved with Lowrance in the past. Those 8410 units are heavy solid lumps compared to the Simrad evo 3 (Im running both in mine).
  14. JDP

    It's home

    Thanks Geoff. Funny you mention it being an American hull mould, as it looks very much like what Haines and Bertram use over here, also from the US. If they are related and they certainly look very similar, they are considered one of the best hulls. Many manufactures produce vessels from this but alter the hull by 20% in order to rebrand the name.
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