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  1. Right now Friday is a possibility, it just needs the morning to improve. Up until this evening, Thurs, Fri, and Sat were looking OK, but since you have posted it has gone rapidly downhill 🙄
  2. (all290nm of them) definitely more than the usual 3 grunts and a hernia 🤣
  3. I will expand a bit on my last post. You don't need alarms as any target on the plotter that is a threat will turn from green to red and show an extended line from the triangle which is the perceived course. It is then up to you to make call on what to do. If you tap on the target it will give you course and speed of the target, plus the time to collision. when I am on the wrecks in the shipping lanes, I have one plotter split screen with a zoomed chart for the wreck waypoint ( 20ft resolution) and the other half of the screen on traditional sonar. The other plotter I switch bet
  4. Hang a few old CD’s on there, the continual shining and flickering seems to deter the flying rats.
  5. Yes, turn ALL AIS alarms off, including collision warning, and use the AIS info on the plotter as an aide-mémoire for YOU to make the decisions and take any necessary action. That alarm should have also come up on your radio, just hit the ignore button to stop the alarm and periodically clear the AIS log.
  6. No, they just get lobbed back. Good pot bait because they are tough, but wrasse and school spikeys are also used as pot bait.
  7. Oh, and they shit all over when being unhooked. on the positive side, they do make excellent pot bait.
  8. It tends to be all or nothing here. We never get the odd one or two !
  9. No, not really. Yes they are welcome to put a bend in the rod, but often swallow the hook. Once on deck they are an arse to unhook cleanly and unless held tail to head they then try to take the skin off the back of your hand and arms. one or two are ok but we seem to get them in batches of 20 or more !
  10. Bait thieving vermin ….. 🙄
  11. At the moment the weather next weekend is looking ok. If it holds, then I expect we will go to the skerries. Probably stopping in babbacombe bay / Orestone / hopes nose to get some fresh mackerel. I think I have been volunteered to lead a party of 3 boats.
  12. Not unless you bait them with a good fillet of mack !
  13. Well done Neil, that was a super gesture which will reignite Pete’s mojo. If I was closer i would be happy to take Pete out, I guess it would be right then 🤣
  14. The weather forecast was looking Ok for a mornings fishing on the inshore wrecks. The wind was NW F2, veering to South and picking up to 20knts in the early afternoon. My original plan was to get out to the 30 mile wrecks, but with the wind forecast to veer south, I knew that would cause wind over tide and the sea state could potentially be quite rough, so a visit to the 12 mile wrecks seemed more in order. My crew was Brother in law James (who completely outfished me !), and we both had other commitments in the afternoon, so the plan was to be back at 1:00pm. We made an early start and l
  15. Prick 🙄 Are you being a flid again 🤣🤣🤣 The knife is sheathed. Popping a tube is not important as there are 5 chambers. On my last boat I popped a stern port tube when I dropped a pointy fillet knife. We travelled 12 miles back to port in a snotty sea with no problems
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