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  1. It usually is ! Also, the headland around Hopes Nose gets very confused, even on a good day it can be like a washing machine !
  2. I guess it was a little lumpy to start with and got better later in the day. There are a lot of Plaice this year, but the biggun's are hard to find.
  3. Any engine built before 2011 will have issues, mainly corrosion in the fuel system, but also some may suffer head issues with burnt valves.
  4. Bloody hell swampy, that looks terrible, in fact looking at that makes my colitis feel 99% better. Let the consultants decide bud, generally they know best. I hope you get better real soon.
  5. Excellent, it is always good to see the youngsters catching. Also, we have massive shoals of schoolies here, chasing the tiny whitebait, and they fly out of the water like a rain showers.
  6. Blow lamp and solder bucket terminal 👍
  7. Maybe so, but it is out of context with my use of the term, Referring to the Urban dictionary,
  8. But you still cant spell and your maths were inaccurate to a high degree, I have fired people for less. Plank in my book comes from 'as thick as a plank, just like 'a piece of bread short of a sandwich', or 'as thick as a donkey dongler' , unfortunately, you fit in all categories 🤣🤣🤣🖕
  9. Listen plank, your English is as bad as your maths .............. they are feck'in LEEKS (Allium ampeloprasum) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. I will only probably use it from late Autumn through to early spring, I guess you will do the same ?
  11. To treat 350L with additive will cost £19.95 To fill with fuel costing 10p/L more than regular fuel will cost £35. So, plank, Luke saves £15 and also fully protects his whole fuel system. 🖕
  12. No, ffs, stop being a plank 🙄 it is £35 per tank for fuel that is 10p/L more expensive (350 x 10p = 3,500p = £35 The additive price is £12.99 / 227, which is 5.7p/L you are certainly very special Jon 🙄🤣
  13. How the feck do you stay in business with maths like that 🙄 350L x 10p is £35 per tank, where as an additive comes out at 5.7p per L of fuel.
  14. Yes, but with an additive you are protecting the whole fuel system and injectors against the unwanted effects of ethanol.
  15. All petrol stations will be changing over to E10 by the end of Sept. you could fill with premium in the winter (staying E5) but the cost overhead on 700L is significant 😵‍💫 The quickstor additive does 227L per bottle and is about £12 - £14, so quite a cost effective solution.
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