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  1. Looks painful 😞 Get well soon! Hopefully all sorted soon 🙂
  2. Ok, back to the point in hand….. Ill start to bung some in from October as weather will be worse…. I won’t use super…. Oh and I don’t empty my tanks, that’s the problem so will need to add the additive 🙂
  3. It’s the getting super….. I can call up the Marina fuel up on a pontoon a few yards away for same fuel that’s 1p/l cheaper than Tesco’s…. Then bung in some magic juice 🙂
  4. I don’t empty my tanks, only top up so there’s always some petrol left over but with the change I’m not about to fill up with Jerry cans. Much easier to squirt a bottle in and leave it 🙂
  5. As having perhaps the biggest tanks (x2 350l) I’ll be adding additives to my tanks as I fill up in marinas. Summer I burn enough not to worry, but come September/October will start adding additives to keep it all ok. I’m not sure about winter yet, will prob still stick with normal fuel as they won’t suddenly transition over, it’ll be a time but it’s coming…. My engines are 2015 vintage so hopefully ok as being Yams they have a big following in the states. However, I suspect there will be plenty of gummed carbs in the spring!!!!!
  6. Agree…. Id be looking to do multiple short drifts, especially if you’ve seen threshers in the area….
  7. I do t know, just saw it on Facebook (so must be true right?! 🤣) As I’ve struggled to find a trailer big enough for my boat I just thought I’d oust to promote discussion. I’ll let the experts decide if it’s real… However, full marks to @Geoff for the sound advice 🙂 I see outboards bouncing in back of trailers when driving down the M4 to west wales and it makes me wince every time I see it….. 😢😢😢
  8. Make sure you check your motor is up before heading home….. (picture courtesy of IceyTek Facebook page)
  9. Other option…. Fill a watering can with water. Pour in some food colouring and pour on parts of boat. You can even do a few cans with different colours so that you can see where it’s coming in as it may take a while to seep in
  10. Odyssey


    Nor me…. It was 45 miles offshore. Usually there is at least a swell or chop as it’s exposed (next stop America). Had a few fish but it’s very slow this year
  11. RYA do a 1 day radar course. It’s very useful
  12. Odyssey


    Had a couple of blues yesterday. Was hot and slow. Nothing big but nice to be out. Not much else to say 😂 Was flat which makes a change
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