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New Disgorger Made

Tony smith

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Just now, Tony smith said:

They are just laying on my kitchen work tops.

When I post the picture it turns it around don't know why 👍

You need to crop the photos just a bit before posting them. It’s to do with file size. 

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1 hour ago, Tony smith said:

Just go into the picture and turn your phone around it's not hard 🤪

I hear you Tony, but some of our members view the forum on computers not mobiles, which is why we ask everyone to post pics the right way up if at all possible... otherwise the computer users get cricks in their necks 🤣

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I made one a while ago where the s shaped bar goes the full length through a broken fishing rod with a threaded nut at the handle end. I did have a T bar similar to yours where the s bar coming from the main shaft was to long and kept bending. Mine is for close contact, which I find the only way I can get a circle out quickly.


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Looks useful, allows for boat side release, which I can assure you is a hell of lot easier than skull dragging them over gunnels! 

Ive got a door at water level which helps but bigger ones still awkward and will happily destroy any kit on deck!

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17 minutes ago, Tony smith said:

Hi Andy 

He wants £90 for both.

He's got to buy the stainless in now 

Mine was leftover from a job 

A bit pricey I would say but it will last a lifetime 



Thanks Tony. Did he say how much for just the disgorger?

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