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Thresher off the IoW


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It’s not as big as they say. It’s a nice fish and if Spence is around I’m sure he’ll provide his expert opinion 🙂 

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49 minutes ago, suzook12 said:

You do realise he caught it on a 10m pole, with #12 elastic, 6lb rig body, 2lb hooklength and a size 18 hook baited with double maggot don't you?? 🤣🤣

🤣🤣🤣 Quality!

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8 minutes ago, Odyssey said:

Thanks for the clarification/expert opinion 🙂 

Has Neil replied ?

I must have missed that 😂

Only joking Neil 🥰

4 hours at 30lb drag and a further hour at 45lb drag 🤣🤣🤣

Sorry I couldn"t resist.

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8 hours ago, iowspence said:

Ahh yes, the Dr and his Thresher!!! Now that certainly stirred up a hornets nest!!!! 🤣

All I will say is that its a lovely fish and was his first one, so fair play to him, but there are some inconsinstencys in the story...

I would like to see anyone play a fish for 4 hours on 30lb drag, then up it to 45lb for the last hour...

His harness is incorrectly fitted, which would mean that the whole fish is on his back as its so high up, so would expect him NOT to be standing after about 45 mins.

I dont know him but looks a slight fellow which beggars belief that he fought the fish for the time he stated...

There is a face shot of the fish alongside the boat. Firstly, it looks about 120lb as its a fresh faced and young and can confirm after 5 hours of having a wire bite trace rubbed across its face, it would be looking anything but fresh faced, and would be marked right up, as you may be on many thresher captures...

Finally, the 630lb claim just makes a mockery of what everyone is doing. As far as I am aware, there have only been 3 ever captures on rod and line of Threshers over 500lb's in the UK.

Danny Vokins in 2007. - Isle of Wight

Murray Collins 2019 - Looe

Wayne Comben - Weight qustioned, but in the 400-500 bracket.

I know of several others in the 400lb bracket... Danny, Martin, Liam etc.

He is claiming it to be 16ft and therefore 600+ lbs. I had a fish that was 18ft long in the summer but just claimed it to be over 300, so just makes a mockery of it all, and what everyone else is doing and has done.

Most of the seasoned year sharkers are saying its not even 300lbs, so to claim its double is a bit much.....

Rant Over!! 


Footnote: I dont want this to read like I an knocking the bloke. As I said, everyone of them counts. Its just not what he has claimed, in my and many other opinions.


sounds to me about the fishermans tail it was this big mate

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I think it’s important to say that sharking is a challenge. It’s very easy to get excited about your fish. It can feel like an age from when you hear that ratchet scream to seeing a big lump next to the boat...


as you get more experience it’s easier to judge the size of the fish and how much drag etc. 

It’s a fine fish, bigger than my thresher (I’ve never had one) hopefully he will learn from it and catch some more 🙂 


Sadly I fear that sharking is becoming an elitist branch of angling akin to Carp.... just my opinion.... I just ignore the doubters and keep on catching instead 🙂 

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