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Toothy Critter ( Guzunder ) quick change release Floats


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  a few years ago i was looking for a  Float to use for  shark fishing     my mate  had one  that came from the states    a ( Snap float )       the company that made them went out of business    years ago    i than  came across the  redi - rig floats   so i asked a  mate  if he  could  stock  these      worked great  when using nylon    but no good  if your using  braid as your main line    so  i   started making my  own   instead of using a  spring  to trap the  line between the two  rubber washers    i used a   wing nut  so you can adjust the tension  when using nylon or braid  ive  changed the Design  and made a few modifications    adding    washers  to the top and bottom of the  floats     this helps in protecting the floats from seagulls  pecking  and  ripping  chunks out of them     i make a range of   Guzunder floats  to cover  tope   Bass   Shark &    giant mackerel    fishing      the floats  can support  weights from 3oz  plus  bait   to  a 1 lbs  plus  bait  No photo description available.

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