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2nd & 3rd April - Double header out of weymouth


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Weather for the weekend was set to be cold but fair - with winds mostly off the land and under 10mph - so me and my mate Tim decided to head out both days in his boat - Anteres 710. 

Saturday (after failing to get mackerel in the entrances) we headed to a new mark east of Portland, in about 100ft of water over what looks like some interesting banks - however the easterly wind over tide chop vs the SW swell made it quite uncomfortable beam on, so after half an hour, one Doggie, and Tim somehow snagged a scallop on a 8/0 hook, we repositioned to a known mark a bit closer in. 

the day was slow - but produced a nice thornie for me and we both had dogs whiting and pout. It flattened right off and the wind dropped - it was glorious out there in the sun. we decided to pack up as the clouds were gathering and on the run in found it to start snowing! half hour ago we were basking in the sun! madness! - i took the scallop home, chucked and fried within minutes of getting home - fried with Bacon garlic and Chili!


Sunday we had 3 of us and we heard rumours the bream never left lulworth ledge this winter - so that was the plan - target the bream, on light gear and put a big bait down for something flat or snakey and we weren't disappointed. 

A 1hr steam Straight to the mark and we were fishing by 8.30am - with the target species on board before 9am.

I had a lovely spotted ray on 1st drop, Tim was into the bream, and so was i soon after, Tim also had a nice thornie


the last of the ebb produced most of the fish - we ended on 20+ bream between the 2 of us, many keepers. 

they were spitting up these tiny crabs with a cross on their back


I also had a couple of congers, Jason and i both hooked into a conger each at the same time - they got us onto a right mess - coming up together tangled!


we had to stop fishing while the tide turned - as we kept getting snagged. 

the start of the flood produced some more bream, and plenty of dogs,

Jason likes to fish big with mackerel heads and had a stonker of a thornie at 14.7lb, and lost another at the boat. 


the day was glorious, bitterly cold at times, but lovely in the sun - after the tide turned the wind veered to the SW and picked up so we called it a day. plenty of fresh bream for tea! 


I kept the scallop frills as i hear its good bait for bream - but as they were so happy with squid - i've frozen the frills for another day (gilt head day maybe) - anyone had any experience with scallop frills?

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Two good sessions! Very envious indeed. Nice fish too. Interesting that the bream are still around - I heard of some keeper-sized ones coming out in the east Wight area this weekend too, so I reckon you're right and they never left this winter.

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59 minutes ago, mike farrants said:

a stonker of a thornie at 4.7lb

Great report Mike. Just one thing however, this is not a stinker size!! 🤣

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Great session 🙂 

11 dogs for skate bait, a huss and happy spaniel for me yesterday. Nice to get the roads out. Now the real fishing starts 🙂 (pollack, wrasse, tope, mackerel, sharks, maybe a cod) 

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  • mike farrants changed the title to 2nd & 3rd April - Double header out of weymouth
4 hours ago, mike farrants said:

they were spitting up these tiny crabs



IIRC those are real baby shore crabs.

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