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Weather looked great so loaded boat with chum and light gear to try for a shark while hunting early pollack.

Headed out and the lock guys said it was bit bumpy out there… it’ll be fine I thought…

Stopped at the lollipop on the heads to try for herring…. It was a bit lumpy, lost sight of land in the swells, but wasn’t too bad only maxing out at 2m…

Went round the corner, tried a drift but loads of weed and wind ans swell now peaking at 3m so gave up 😞 

Back into Haven, dogfish central but a few nice whiting so headed in early, refilled boat with fuel and fixed my radar issues. 

Ready for reefing and tope in Early May as weather looks rubbish on weekend and then off to Scotland for skate on Bank holiday. So the dogfish will come in useful for that at least 🤣

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Well done for trying Luke. I haven't been able to get afloat since Jan, so well done for getting out there. 👍

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I was suprised at the swell as I was watching closely at the weather charts etc… wave buoy peaked at an average wave height of 2.7m so not enormous but frustrating… 

Beats working though! 

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