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Easter trips

mike farrants

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Had the inlaws down for Easter and with the Weather looking great for Friday and having recently found some Bream on lulworth ledge i thought it worth the long hour and half steam over in pugwash. I wont go that far often, but the weather was set to be glorious - and it didn't disappoint. 

the journey out seemed to take forever and got the better of us - choosing to anchor in the middle of the ledge rather than the far end where id had loads of bream, 2 weeks ago.

However on the first drop Phil hooked into a nice bream, followed quickly by mine - which was bigger and went to 1.5lb. bouyed by the awesome start we thought we would be into a great day of fishing - sadly not - just a run of dogs for me and nothing else for phil! Perhaps we shouldnt have been on top of the bank? perhaps an end woudl have been better? the Tide was ripping through - maybe that put them off?




a cracking day out none the less - and with a following tide and wind I managed 6knots on the way home and shaved 10 mins off the time!


that evening we went to Rockfish seafood restaurant on the sea front and i had John Dory for the first time - very nice!


Easter sunday we found it to be too rough n the bay - but made our way over to portland harbour - anchored up there and i had 3 pin whiting nothing else and nothing for phil - still a nice day out!



And now i have Covid!



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Nice bream! First session sounded excellent. The second... not so much 🤣

Shame about catching covid - back luck. Fingers crossed for a swift recovery!

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2 hours ago, mike farrants said:

And now i have Covid!

Bad luck, however it was ok for me with just what seemed like a bad cold and lots of coughing. For me it took 17 days to test negative !

JD is a cracking fish to eat, we get a few on the wrecks during the autumn.

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