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Sharking Purists...


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Anyone else a purist or is it just me? 

Personally I’m a purist and like to go the whole hog, skipper, find the mark, hook, play abs release my own fish. 

I take similar pleasure out of seeing crew get on the sharks too, to me it doesn’t matter who gets the fish as long as it gets to the boat... This season I’ve had 101 and somewhere close to 180 with sharks for the crew too. 

Does anyone else get pleasure out of seeing your crew, swearing, sweating and generally being the pain locker with fish? 

Maybe I need professional help? 😬🤣 

Thoughts welcomed.....

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Most certainly prefer others having to catch them, they are seen more as pests for us. Mako's can be interesting though, you never know just how they might behave or if the next one will destroy your boat!!!.. Had a couple of very well known UK shark anglers here earlier in the year who each day asked don't I want to pull one in!!!!

Yes back when I fished in the UK I targeted sharks but here even makos I targeted a while back with researchers I decided to used the big Ellectric reel with 145lb drag to do most of the work left in the rod holder, also the fact I can use the boat to control them better for quick release.

In regards to being a purist, yes I really do enjoy that side, which to me is swimming freely with sharks (something I also used to try in the UK ).

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