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Sat 16th July - Weymouth - a tough days fishing but lovely day afloat


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Had the inlaws down again this weekend so me and phil went out in pugwash!

despite the heatwave the wind was forecast a fresh 7-10mph ESE which might have made it a bit lumpy so the Plan was to go see what it was like and adjust our plan accordingly.


first off was the mackerel - we spent an hour or so drifting for mackerel near portlands 1st entrance, bagging up 10 or so - including 4 decent sized ones, then phil pulls in a whopper - boat record at 1.5lbs. - that's 5 for bait and 5 for the BBQ. we were joined by the local dolphin who was also chasing the fish - it stuck around us for a good half hour and we continued to catch.


next up was a trip over to the red band fish mark - but a couple of drifts over that produced nothing. 

we decided to head out to our deep water mark on the spoils - but on route and given the Ebbing Spring tide, and the choppy sea i decided against it - not sure why but it didn't feel right.

instead we decided to try an inshore sand/shingle mark id seen on Navionics, over at Red Cliff / Ringstead - anchored up and settled in - however nothing was interested in the rag worm, so we switched to bream rigs with squid, nothing - then we went big - with a mackerel head and mackerel flappers - nothing. not even a dog fish. no bites nothing. 


looks like it should hold fish here? but no.

fed up with that we pulled anchor and tried drifting soft plastics lures over nearby ringstead ledge - hoping for pollock - I had one hit but missed it, couple more tries and we gave up on that too and decided to try to mend the day using the ragwom on the wrasse close into Portland harbour wall.  

However after 4-5 drifts close in to the rocks we had nothing but tiny pecks - we called it and headed to the pub.

A tough days fishing - my mate was out on sea dog over at lulworth and he also had a poor day too - with only mackerel and one conger.

lovely day afloat and some lovely mackerel - gave each neighbour 2 each and we shared the big one between us on the BBQ! 


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Good to just get out in this weather. The high pressure has killed the fishing a bit. I went out last wed and ive never seen so much commercial gear on everything inshore and out to the 30mile wrecks, Its everywhere!

i think they are having a hard time and also struggling with the fuel prices to make a living. 
managed a few bass on jigs and also a couple of wrasse on crab. 

The commercials may have a bit of a knightmare when pulling there gear up. The scad shoals are absolutely huge 

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