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Chum recipes


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7 minutes ago, Chris said:

Thinking of giving a day drifting for shark next year ago. Any tips. Will be going out of Hollyhead.


Best tip would be to follow @Odyssey

bug his boat, tap his phone or just stalk him generally. 

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5 minutes ago, iowspence said:

You better believe it @JonCI cant have all the Welshies recieving all the limelight..... 🤣

My brother is a techno DJ/ record producer. Big in his small circle. He met some nutty    raver who had a big tattoo of him on his shoulder.
Thats when you know it’s unhealthy. 

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Hello 🙂 

Ah the great chum recipes! 

You can buy ready made chum from Ammo. If you are starting out for the odd session it saves a lot of mess....

Otherwise..... Get a load of frozen mackerel/Bluey/sardines/herring. 

Smash them up in a bucket using a lump of timber. Or even better, stick them all through a garden shredder. As you’re out of Holyhead you’ll likely be chasing porgies. So get a bit of Sand, a load of bran and mix it all together. 

Add some fish oil (Holy Mackerel Fish Co do good oil). I use 0.5-1l/10kg of chum but I use 1 part fish, 2 parts bran. If you use less bran, use less oil.

Best to put it all in a container abs freeze it. It’ll last longer frozen. I tend to use about 10kg of chum in a day. However, I’ve also got a meat grinder on board and what ever gets caught on the bottom goes through that (Whiting, Haddoxk, gurnard, mackerel) 

It’s a messy job, you will smell, do it on your drive or somewhere you can hose down easily! 

For fish, speak to @British Big Game Fishing he has got fish for a very good price. 

You can use all fish if you can get enough. Just remember, the smaller the pieces the faster they will disperse and the higher in the water column they will sit. That’s why I use bran, sand, oil and fish. They all have different sizes and will disperse at different rates 


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