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My new Radar

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I don’t buy much tech for my boat as I’m always skint. 
So I’m going to bore you with the only thing I’ve bought for ages. 
I have bought a furuno Drs4w radar to replace my old Raytheon unit, which pre date my boat and the head unit was like an old fashioned tele with the shed on the back.

This model isn’t state of the art, it’s been in production for 5 years or so but never really caught on as people prefer to network all their kit. I didn’t fancy spending 5k on a new system that I didn’t really need so I’ve bought this as a cheaper stand alone option. 
It was really easy to install, just 4 bolts on the arch and connect the power to a switched 12 volt supply. 4F97767B-B5D6-4E32-B81F-87CD0C2BAB8E.thumb.jpeg.ab0ad33b200c1b8f67e1caf9a5bff049.jpeg
It can be mounted horizontally if you want so fuck off Fisty

The unit uses an iOS device as a display, so I’ve linked to an I pad and a phone that you can use simultaneously, ie phone on deck and pad at the helm.

Coming out of the marina today it picked up most of the navigation markers, and now bobbing about its picking up all the boats I can see9AD124D3-5E22-46A1-9D16-629FD35A1D66.thumb.png.c8de1e5d4c74276f708cf3cc3a22dfb5.png

The usual guard zones are easy to set up, with an alarm binging away and phone vibrating.

Hopefully I’ll actually get out fishing and use it soon. 


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25 minutes ago, JonC said:

It can be mounted horizontally if you want so fuck off Fisty

How rude. So you can fit and set up a radar toy but you can’t post photos correctly? I believe you do this on purpose. 
For an admin you don’t set good examples , so #### ### fat boy. 

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