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Toothy critters alright!!


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Not much of a post, more of a fail really.

Took a newcomer out a couple of days ago, where we started our hunt inshore just 25km north 6km from land. First drop and our jigs didn't reach bottom before the parrot like leather jackets snipped off our jigs, these are like parrot or trigger fish. Spot after spot more and more gear was getting lost so I decided to head offshore the the continental shelf to try and troll up a marlin or at least dolphin fish.

The dolphin fish gave the newby a heap of fun but unfortunately they were all little ones about 55cm, so under legal size to keep. All at once four of the bigger skirted lures got smashed but unfortunately this was by little mako's that destroyed all the lures without managing to get hooked. Trying to get the youngster to clean the blood from around the boat as I keep the boat heading as well as setting the rods back out was  virtually impossible, you have to do everything for some kids!!!

The 127km run ended up being a costly one and has put me off going again (well for a few days perhaps) I even put my boat up for sale and had three people interested in just a couple of hours. I took the boat back off the market to give it another week to see how I feel about selling it but in all honesty it doesn't really get me overly excited these days. The fact my daughter has her own boat as well as skippering the charters means Im now constantly taking people who lose or break my gear and simply walk away leaving me to head home towing the boat and clean it all up. Fishing the beaches is far less effort, cost and often has more target species.

I could drop back to a little boat for the rivers and near shore and simply head out on friends boats, its hard call as I do enjoy the running around offshore when its in big seas. 

Just realised its 2am and Ive got to be up soon, so better shut down!!!!

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