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Welcome to the forum. Here you can find information and advice on recreational boating and saltwater angling across the UK.

The original Offshore Outlaws forum was set up in late 2019 as a place for a few of us to call home after becoming disenchanted with other forums online, and we've recently moved to our new home here at offshoreoutlaws.co.uk.

We feel strongly that users should have the right of free speech, without moderation. That's not to say that we tolerate hate speech or other antagonistic behaviour, but rather we feel that we should be able to enjoy fishing- and boating-related banter and discourse without having a moderator breathing down our necks. This means that you won't be told to mind your language or stop taking the mickey out of other members - we believe that being able to speak freely and indulge in well-intentioned banter is a core part of what makes forum membership fun.

That said, we expect members to behave as adults; personal insults, bullying or undue criticism of members don't sit well with us and whilst no-one will moderate what you say here, they will let you know if they think you've overstepped the mark. Consider it "moderation by your peers" wink4.gif .

We're actively looking to grow the site and and all members are actively encouraged to invite new joiners to the site - the more the merrier and the stronger the site will become.

All suggestions for site improvements and future enhancements are welcome too. Good ideas always rise to the top, so don't be shy about making a suggestion: PM's to @Andy135

We hope you enjoy Offshore Outlaws - tight lines!

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