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Q 580 bilge pump position

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While I was helping with replacing the sea cock and other things the subject of bilge pumps came up and he said that he had switched it on and could faintly hear it whirring but never had any water come out I presume that it is the outlet stbd aft and the whirring seems to come from midships aft (behind the fuel tank?) so we presume that is the lowest point and where it is located. 

We can't find any online manuals or information, anyone know for sure?

Also to test it is working will we have to put a load of water into the main bilge and then see if it empties it, which obviously has its drawbacks. 

Our other option is to use the selector cock on the bait pump and a flexy hose to pump any excess water away from any compartment. 

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I don't know about the design of that particular boat but if you can't reach the pump to check for blockages or for removal and testing in a tank, then you don't really have any other choice but to test it with water in the bilge in my view. You may find that you need more water than you think in order to fully submerge the strainer inlet enough for it to prime and start pumping. In case it turns out to be knackered, you can get battery drill powered pumps that you can stick a long hose on to suck out the bilge water.


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