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Back on the small stuff


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Had another 3 hours trying again for some bigger whiting but sadly the majority were too small to bother filleting but I kept one and a dab that were deep hooked and will keep for tope bait. 

I was top rod again as I only saw one codling and 3 whiting caught elsewhere, and I had 5 casts that didn't result in a fish, all caught on herring and lug with herring getting 80% or so of the fish. It was interesting to see a dive boat going to see if they could find the dome from the lighthouse but it was far too rough and a big tide too and they returned within an hour. We also had to shift our gear to allow a cement mixer to reverse all the way to the end!

Check out the damage...



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19 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Must have been quite a storm.

Had to secure my hat with 6" nails!

It was enjoyable as sometimes the rod was just in the tripod and I would get a bite. Plus there were plenty of people coming along to see if they could see the damage, travelling home I also saw that the small dredger that has a hooked bar was travelling down the Tyne so they may have spotted it and it is going to retrieve it?

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