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King of the jungle


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One morning, his majesty the lion calls all the animals in the jungle to a meeting. "Right", says the lion, "I want every one of you to go out hunting and bring me back as much meat as you can. Anyone who fails to bring me back meat, I will batter to death with my cock". Later that day, a rabbit turns up with a basket of carrots. "You have to understand your majesty, I am a rabbit, I can't hunt, but I have brought you a basket of carrots". The lion towers over the rabbit and starts battering it with his dick. The rabbit cries, laughs, cries, laughs..... "Why are you crying" says the lion? "It hurts" says the rabbit"." And why the fuck are you laughing?" says the lion. "I've just seen the hedgehog" says the rabbit, "and he's gathering mushrooms"!

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