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GPS Module not responding...

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The plotter I have been given to try out seems to not be working.


I connected it up to a spare battery and the unit powers on, the sonar transducer seems to click but it comes up with GPS Module Not Responding.

The antenna is a LGC-2000, can they be tested to see if its the module or the unit itself? 

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If the transducer is clicking, that's good but don't let it run out of water for long - they can overheat if dry.

As for the GPS module... check the cable and connections for corrosion or breaks, check it has power and that it had been connected correctly. If it's an NMEA 0183 model, then be sure that the wires are connected to the head unit in the right order.

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This is a known fault with the Lowrance LGC-2000 GPS puck.

The shielding has failed and it cant be repaired unfortunately.

Also the puck has been discontinued and the only Lowrance puck that will work with your head unit is over £200.

Evermore used to make a puck that was compatible and cheaper, if you put a new plug on it, but not sure if they are still available.

I have had 2 LGC-2000"s fail so am speaking from experience.

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