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Reaching greater depths


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1 hour ago, Andy135 said:

Serious bit of kit that. Guessing the rod stays in the holder during the fight?

Yes stays in but we also use hand held versions in shallower water bellow 1000m. I have one big spin outfit that I deep drop to around 400m. 


47 minutes ago, Malc said:

Commercial or pleasure/recreational fishing?

Pleasure, though its considered a more commercial setup. I must admit I prefer the lighter gear but the tops of the canyons are about 1800m deep, dropping to around 3000m . At night many of those deepwater species head up to the surface following squid which makes them easier to target. This allows us to fish deep during the day, I don't expect to keep it long, more a case of the price was right and if I can turn a few $$ it will be gone.

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