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Kurland side-scan sonar images


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I was out on a group of four wrecks off the SW corner of the IoW back in the summer, and I wanted to test out the new HDS Live 9 and Active Imaging transducer side scan capabilities. Below is a screen shot of the bow of the Kurland (details here: map.forgottenwrecks.org/uploads/documents/FWFWW_Site%20report_Kurland.pdf) compared with the Marine Archaeology Trust's professional sidescan view from the Forgotten Wrecks report.

HDS Live Active Imaging side scan

Marine Archaeology side scan

Pretty good correlation between the two I think. The HDS side scan was taken at 455khz for the wider cone angle. Next time I'm there I'll try the same drift using 800khz so that I can get a better resolution image.

Incidentally, the Forgotten Wrecks Map is a great resource for wreck hunting on the south coast (sadly not yet made it to Wales :( ). Well worth a browse for the history as well as hunting for wreck marks.
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