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Fighting big fish in rough ground

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Someone I know posted a video where he lost a couple of big fish over rough ground and rather than say how I would have tackled it and possible embarrassment I thought I would post it here as it may be helpful to someone. 

I lost a couple of sizeable pollock over rough ground when fishing from the kayak (lure fishing vertically) my first thought was to up the tackle strength but that removes the fun of catching smaller fish. However one day I noticed that the fish stopped taking my lures after catching a few and releasing most of them, so I set my drifts just off the mark and started casting over it, this got me catching again and I hooked a decent pollock of 8-9lb on a very light spinning rod, it fought hard but because I could turn it left, right and upwards due to the angle of the line I could keep it away from the snags. If you hook a fish above snaggy ground it will just motor straight down and you can only pull in the opposite direction. 

We have tried this over kelp and rock as well as steep drop offs and haven't lost any fish yet compared with at least 4 decent sized fish in the past 5-6 years. It works best over shallow ground 10-60' or so but hopefully it will help someone. 

Video below...



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