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Transducer upgrade

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Hi i`m new on the forum and wonder if anyone could help me. I have got a lowrance hook reveal 9 plotter/sonar with tripleshot transducer, the transducer has failed and i am considering an upgrade to a Totalscan. My question is can i expect an improvement to my downscan, sidescan, and structure scan to warrant paying twice the money.

I  would be very grateful for your thoughts. tia 


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  • Brian Norman changed the title to Transducer upgrade

Hi Brian,

Welcome to the site. In answer to your question, I believe that the TotalScan unit does give better resolution than the Tripleshot. The Active Imaging 3-in-1 is the next step up in quality again for not a lot of extra money over the TotalScan, but I'm not sure of compatibility with the Hook Reveal plotter.

Something to bear in mind though, when I had a TotalScan I found that the positioning of the unit on the transom, and the transducer angle vs the line of the hull played a more significant role in getting decent sonar images than the difference between the various models of Lowrance transducer, so whichever one you decide on, it's worth taking the time to get it positioned just right.

On a side note, are you Jeff @Jupiters Moon's friend that he mentioned was having transducer issues?

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Higher frequencies will produce higher resolution but don't penetrate as deep or wide.  Something to keep in mind though is the resolution of your sounder is only 800 x 480, so actually seeing any improvement in my opinion would be marginal.

My choice would be the latest model in the hope it would match with newer units such as the live etc when the hook reveal gives up the ghost.

As Andy mentioned, placement is critical if you hope to get high speed readings. Also depending on the hull angles you may need to slightly trim up the engine to get good clear side imaging as the motor can sometimes block part of the sidecan. Make sure you have a good clean path ahead of the transducer with no strakes or rough surfaces that might cause water disturbance at the transducer. Also the running attitude of the boat can effect the angle to position an tilt on the transducer, some boats run a bit bow high which can shoot the signal to far forward underway. 

How has your transducer failed, are you sure its the transducer and not the head unit ?

I used Lowrance and simrad gear for about 20 yrs and got fed up of the amount of issues I had with them all so moved away from them, they are constantly in catch up mode with other manufacturers.


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