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Stormy weather!


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1 hour ago, Andy135 said:

Received wisdom suggests that the day after a big storm is good for cod. Fingers crossed for you and look out for residual swell!

This is the local beach between the two Tyne piers, its called Little Haven 😀 


Unfortunately a poor picture due to sand and sea spray constantly hitting the windscreen but the dome on top of the south lighthouse is missing and I know that they build them with keyed stones but we could lose some more of it.

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25 minutes ago, Malc said:

Apparently the pier structure (wall possibly)  has also been damaged so not good for those who regularly fish there or those who can't access beaches and rock ledges.

Crikey. Storm Babet is quite a beast it seems!

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22 hours ago, Malc said:

Lots of people dusting off their big rods in anticipation of fish moving inshore due to the easterlies and I might be able to join them, but first I have to shake off this cold.

Sunday or Monday might be good as the swells subside. 

What are the realistic species to target along your patch, Malc? Yet to see a single Whiting this end, never a bad thing! 

A local youtuber (local marks fishing) fishes beach and harbour / Solent in a Sib at night, filming live streams as he does so, have been catching more Conger than anything else. 

Good luck shaking off the cold, if not.. stick another jumper on! 

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Haddock are in the 1-2lb range so I have only taken one which was bleeding from the gills. They are an irregular catch but even getting caught from the shore, when the weather calms we might get a few as we change the bait fishing during the winter. 

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So the plan was to go fishing yesterday with 2 plans in mind, one a LW mark and the other a HW. I decided on the HW and got the tides wrong! About to go out and check the tide and it says the next low tide is 3 hours time...not good for a HW mark and I couldn't get to the LW mark at the right time as its further away. 

However we aren’t required for grandparenting today so I am off out to the HW mark, which by reports is fishing OK.

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