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Not fishing but finding!


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It's been horrendous for fishing from boat and kayak and eventually the shore delights of whiting and dab fades, but as we are near the sea we get to wander the tide lines. My wife collects glass and I pick up lost line etc to bin but with occasional benefits of beads and line clips and even a multi one time and a diawa rod. I sometimes pick up interesting bits of driftwood including my fireplace beam.

Yesterday we met up with family, the tiddler has measles, and in amongst the wood and weed we found a big crumpled sheet of metal and were just about to pick it up and bin it when I realised it was copper! It was too big for my boot so my daughters fiance took it in his to his works unit nearby and it will go off to the scrap dealer soon. 

However it occurred to me as we were driving off that the top was ripped off the lighthouse at the end of the pier in late October, could it be a part of it?

However I checked and it was painted red and white and the copper was bare, so we will get a few bob for it 👍

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One of the local beaches, Seaham, is famous (?) for its sea glass as they used to tip the waste over the cliffs onto the beach! However it has been rolled about by the north sea for 100 years or more so less likely to rip your feet apart, but the colours are amazing, cobalt blues, reds, multi colours, milk glass, and UV.

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