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Posting pictures, photos and YT videos on Offshore Outlaws


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Posting images on Outlaws is very simple. You can attach your files using the drag & drop functionality at the foot of every new post, or you can browse your hard drive to select the file you want to add to your post.

But wherever possible, we try to use linked images from hosting sites or other forums you may have already posted your content on. This is because the running costs of maintaining a site like Offshore Outlaws escalate in line with the volume of files uploaded. Linking to an image from elsewhere doesn't increase our file storage costs and is a great way to ensure that Outlaws can keep going without needing ad revenue to cover costs. So, if you don't want to see ads on Outlaws, think about reducing the file size before you post an image, or try to link to it from elsewhere.

Posting from  mobile:

If you post from a mobile, consider reducing the file size of your image before posting - most phone operating systems allow quick and easy resizing. Open the photo in your phone's Gallery, then Edit the image and crop it slightly (or even just make some other small edit to allow you to see the Save or Re-save option). When Save/Re-saving, you should have the option to choose the image quality or resolution of your new Saved image - select the lowest option and that should enable you to post on Outlaws easily without exceeding the file upload size limit.

File sharing with Imgur:

To add a link to an image using your computer, right click on the image , then select "Copy Image Address" or your browser's equivalent menu option, then simply paste the image URL into your post editor. This will embed the image directly into your post. This also works with any image URL from across the internet.


The image above is hosted in Imgur.

File sharing with Flickr:

Find the image you've uploaded to Flickr, then click the Share arrow icon on the bottom right of your screen (circled in red below).

Flickr sharing

Then, copy the URL from the dialog box (below) and paste it directly into your post on Offshore Outlaws.

Flikr share URL

Both of the images above are hosted on Flickr.


Embedding YouTube videos: If you want to post a video from YouTube, select the "Share" link then paste into your post, then it'll Embed the video where you pasted it.


If you just copy the URL from the address bar it only appears as a link. See below - the two URL's are different, and it's the Share link that works.


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