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Cuba Bank

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Just wondering if anyone here fishes it,  it's a mark I've often looked at but not tried yet.  

Interested to see what species are likely to make an appearance,  guessing Rays to start with but I'm very interested to find a mark east side to target some Spurdogs. Cuba is one I'd heard some very very faint rumours about

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I've fished it once for about 30 mins and blanked. TBF I was off the wreck and anchored facing east, fishing the bank towards the deeper 40m water. Whilst we were there a charter fishing the wreck itself hauled up a decent conger, so there must be fish there.

The bank looks like it should fish for rays. Not heard of any spurdogs coming out but never say never.

Even though we were well off the wreck we managed to snag the anchor. Nothing serious but enough to spin the bow round during the Alderney retrieval. It gave with a jerk and we were free again, so be sure to trip your anchor if you plan to fish the bank.

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