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With high winds forecast way ahead I ventured out on the Tamar yesterday in search of cod. Some have been caught, and all the local shore hotspots are rammed. No crowds for me though as I tied 'Piranha' to a handy mooring buoy just off the main channel to fish the last of the ebb and most of the flood. Three rods went out: an uptider with a two-hook flapper for whiting, another uptider with a large calamari on a pulley pennell and a downtider with a whiting livebait. Later on I switched the heavy uptider to a livebait slider rig baited with a 10" whiting and put a dead pout on the downtider. 

I can't report anything dramatic: lots of whiting to a pound on squid/mackerel cocktails, some hefty pout and several conger to 7-8lb. Conger are a nuisance in the Tamar when using squid or fish bait; ideally I would use peeler for the cod but at 80p a crab (when you can get it) it's too expensive for me. I work on the theory that a hungry cod will take almost any bait, and I have had codling, bass and rays on squid, so I stick to that.

That looks like my last boat trip for a few days till the wind calms down. Anyone else on here fish the Tamar? PH

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