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Hola from fingernails-popular-implore


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3 hours ago, Malc said:

Is it as nice where you are?


It's nice that hotels these days think of the oldies and put in an assisted entry chair by the pool. 
No wonder you got your deck chair so close to it Malc!! 
Sun looks nice, and the beer cool. What's the tipple?

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I need the seat as I am bladdered. 

San Mig, una canà, and apart from that one and one I am using to wash down my pan y Manchego curado, are the only ones I've had as yet. 

Setting out after sunset along the beach as there are usually a few people fishing, then beverages and tapas 

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3 hours ago, JonC said:

I hope someone is monitoring the swimwear situation? 

Funny that you should mention that. 

It appears that the Scandinavian women's idea of swimwear atm is thongs. Stay with me here; I was in the pool swimming with my wife and she said to a guy about our age, "You have a great tan" he smiled but we don't think that he understood but smiled. I took her to task and called her a tart trying to pick up guys at the pool, but her answer was, "You said that there were a lot of nice bottoms on show!" I replied that I didn't go up to them and say "Nice....

She conceded the point. 

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